The fire in the trade unions Building on may 2, 2014 34 people were killed. Eight, trying to escape, jumped from the upper floors and crashed.
Who installed the grill – unknown / photo: Duma

In the backyard of the House of trade unions in Odessa, which may 2, 2014 as a result of mass riots involving Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian activists burned down dozens of people, built a barbecue joint.

About it reports “Duma”.

“I was surprised to find that on the back of the yard built a gazebo with a brick grill. Security of the building is set up, to put it mildly, not too friendly, and prohibits to remove the “kebab”, threatening with physical violence”, – stated in the message.

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In turn, the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of Odessa oblast Vyacheslav Boratynski stated that he did not know who installed the grill, but nothing wrong with that sees.

“Maybe it’s the builders have made, but to be honest, I don’t see a problem – he doesn’t bother anyone,” said Boratynski.

Recall from 2017, the building is being renovated. The Prosecutor pleaded with the Federation of trade unions, seeking the return House of trade unions in the state. The building wanted to transfer to the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy, but the court sided with the FPA.

Reference to UNIAN. May 2, 2014 in Odessa as a result of mass riots involving Pro-Russian and Pro-Ukrainian activists were killed 48 people, injured about three hundred. Clashes broke out in the city centre, where he was shot and killed several people. Then Pro-Ukrainian activists gathered on Kulikovo field, which was located at tent camp separatists. The tent caught fire, the fire started in the House of trade unions, which also killed people.