Matches the first part of the season 2017/2018 served 23 of the arbitrator, among them 11 (!) debutants. The greatest number of games held Vladimir Milanich from Nikolaev – 13.

In the matches involved 40 assistant referees, and the greatest number of games held during Zaporogec from Zaporozhye – 13.

The actions of the 16 clubs was led by 24 coaches. Three rudder has been the coach of the “movement”, two – “Volyn”, “Pearls”, “Obolon-Brovar” and “Sum”.

17 fixed account options. Most popular – 1:0 (58 times), 2:0 and 2:1 (26 times). The biggest win of the championship in the match “Nikolaev” – “Desna” (1:8).

In 198 matches recorded 88 wins masters, 39 draws and 71 Victoria hotel.

Scored 448 goals (average 2.26 goals per game). On account of the hosts – 242, the visitors – 206. The most successful tour of the 19th (27 goals), the fewest number of goals was in the 14th round (9).

74 is assigned a penalty (implemented 55): 53 in favor of the hosts (38 goals) and 21 in favor of the guests (17 goals). Most often punched with “points” players “Ingulets” – 9 times (8 goals), never (!) – “Pearl”.

This files most often – eight times – 11-meter strikes were appointed in gate “flint” (6 goals) and “Cherkasy Dnepr” (7), “Volyn” (1).

A spot came up 36 players. Most often a penalty kick Alexander Akimenko (“Ingulets”) – 9 times (8 goals).

The winners of the duels with getting 15 penalty kickers goalkeepers. This files most often came out the winner Gennady Ganev from Ingulets – 3 times.

Recorded 25 victories: 16 in the home of a 9. Most often smashed rivals players “Poltava” – 5 times.

Won 19-willed Victoria. The home team 8 times changed the course of the fights, the visitors – 11. Naibolshee the number of volitional victories Arsenal have – 4.

Recorded four hat-tricks, designed by Nicholas Buoy (“movement”), Anatoly Didenko (“Pearl”), Vladislav Shapoval (Volyn) and Denis by Favorov (“gums”). The latter, incidentally, scored 4 goals in gate “Nikolaev”.

Zafiksirovany 16 goals. Most passive players “Gornyak-Sport” – 3.

During the season was the 1,100 th goal in the first League scored “Neftyanik” and the jubilee, the 800th in the first League the ball passed the goalkeeper of “Dnipro Cherkasy”.

250th match in the first League Ruslan Kachur (“Cherkasy Dnepr”), 200 – Eugene, Chepurnenko (“gums”), Sergey Alexan (“Nikolaev”) and Grigory Baranets (“movement”).

80 th goal in League Alexander Akimenko (“Ingulets”), 55th – Andrew Shevchuk (“Gornyak-Sport”), 50 – Eugene, Chepurnenko (“gums”), Sergei Gerasimets (“Nikolaev”), the 45th – Sergey Kravchenko (“Helios”), Ruslan Kachur (“Cherkasy Dnepr”), a 40th – Hryhoriy Baranets (“movement”), the 35th – Alexander Batalski (“Arsenal”).

150th League match in the role of head coach spent Ruslan Zabransky (“Nikolaev”) and Andrey Parkhomenko (“Balkans”), 100, – Sergey Puchkov (“Gornyak-Sport”).

In the first part of the championship were involved in 411 players. The oldest participant of the championship Alexey cicirello (20.02.1977, “Arsenal”), and the youngest – Ivan Bykov (07.07.2000, “Helios”).

In the course of the championship in the first League debuted 98 players. Most of all novices were at the “Volyn” – 31. No debutants in the division’s cost “Gornyak-Sport”, “Desna” and “Poltava”.

Matches the first part of the season the championship was visited by 175 406 viewers (an average of 886 per game). The most visited match: “Desna” – “ear” – 3000 fans.

Yuri MAZURKEVICH, Sport-Express in Ukraine