KIEV. May 17. UNN. In April of the current year from the capital budget it has been allocated 25 million UAH for the preparation of Kiev for the final of the UEFA Champions League. Have mastered these tools the company is a “commercial subsidiary” of the football Federation of Ukraine – LLC “FFU Marketing”. This was announced today by the adviser to the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Andrey Miroshnichenko, reports UNN.

According to him, victory in the tender of the company “FFU Marketing” is almost agreed with UEFA.

According to the system “Prozora” agreement “commercial subsidiary” FFU was signed on 17 April on the basis of the negotiating procedure.

“The football Federation of Ukraine announced that the company “FFU Marketing” can provide training and ensure proper conduct in Kiev, planned events, timed to the final matches of “UEFA Champions League” and “Champions League UEFA women’s” season 2017/2018.

OOO “FFU Marketing” is an affiliated society of the Federation of football of Ukraine and is 100% owned by the Federation.

This company has years of experience in the field of organizing sports events and their employees took an active part in the organization of various activities of the Euro-2012 in Ukraine”, – sums up the portal “Prozora” application of the negotiation procedure.

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Under the terms of the tender agreement, “FFU Marketing” should provide formation of a positive image of Ukraine during the football finals should arrange a viewing for fans of the final match of the UEFA Champions League, and must make a model of the UEFA Cup and place it in the Sofia square.

“The expense is primarily for the so-called festive decoration of the city, this applies to the gala reception is the responsibility of the city. For special measures which have already been carried out, for example, transferring the Cup to Kyiv, which took place on April 21. Is – costs of holding the public viewing of the Champions League final for men, it is spending on international advertising of the city of Kiev and Ukraine as the host city and country respectively.

Who is the contractor in accordance with the fact that during the execution of these obligations is the need to use exclusive trademarks of UEFA, the only structure which has this right is FFU. According to the decision of the FFU, in agreement with UEFA, the only company that needs to do this and implement these services – is the company “FFU Marketing”, which is 100% company owned FFU Ukraine. It is the contractor base. And, of course, then there are the subcontractors, depending on the areas that are in the list of these works,” – said Miroshnichenko.

No further explanation on this occasion, the press Secretary of football Federation of Ukraine Tatiana Gorobchenko, who attended the press conference could not provide.

“The official position of the FFU posted on the official website of the FFU in the network Facebook. I’m not at liberty to provide further comment,” she said.

We will remind, before mass media wrote that the company is a commercial daughter of the FFU – became favorites of the tender procedures for purchase of services for construction and reconstruction of soccer fields with artificial turf throughout Ukraine.

In particular, according to “Business.Media”, companies associated with the FFU, at the end of last year managed to master more than 260 million UAH.

But, as writes the edition “BIHUS info”, the tenders were held without public auction, and the margin they made up almost 50%.

“Prices for coverage from the commercial daughters of the football Federation of Ukraine is higher than that of other manufacturers Europe: Euro vs. 16-18 12-14 euros. Overpayment only coating on the standard platform for mini-football is 1900 euros,” – noted in the investigation “BIHUS info”.