Videos of film Critics chose the best and worst film from the universe of “Harry Potter”Photo: boston.carpe-diem

The best was “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”

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Rating of Harry Potter have engaged critics. And identified the best and worst movie of the universe about a boy wizard. Best unanimously chose the picture “Harry and the prisoner of Azkaban”. This writes the Independent.

Worst called the last film about newt Scamander, which came out in 2018: “Fantastic creatures: the crimes of the Grindelwald”. Not saved him and the star cast. Young Dumbledore was played by Jude law, his former friend and now worst enemy – johnny Depp. Everything was good, according to critics, but in the final Chapter of the film all came down to incomprehensible dialogues and meaningless relationships.

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They also did not approve the attempt of Director David Yates to put the most comprehensive book about Harry Potter in a short film. “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix” film critics did not appreciate. Said that the film was sketchy, and he didn’t have enough depth.

Completes the bottom three the first part of “Deathly Hallows”. It was called “emotionally deficient”.

The best film from the franchise was, except for “Prisoner of Azkaban”, which is praised for its sensual demonstration of growing up, is also the first film of the young wizard. “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”. Critics praised him for his real magic, which made it a classic children’s films. “He is a bright and fabulous,” said critics.

The third of the best was called “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire”. Critics noted that he was coherent, with humor and great special effects.

As previously mentioned the Focus:

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  • The first edition of Harry Potter 1997, sold at auction for 74 thousand dollars. The book contains spelling errors.