Fighters of “Tornado” rioted in the jail to reduce the period of stay – Matios

KIEV. April 26. UNN. Former fighters of the battalion “Tornado” constantly rioted in prison to reduce his term of stay. It is reported by UNN with reference to the review of one of the Ukrainian TV channels the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios.

He said that: “Constantly changing lawyers, advocates, aching, committing riots in the Lukyanivka prison, they lay the possibility of pronouncement of the judgment. Why do they do it? A very unique thing. While in jail Lukyanovka, detention counted against them by the “law Savchenko” — day two. If the sentence will come into force, they will be sent to the colony or to the institution of the prison service, they will have a day-by-day. And so, the longer, the less time. There are those that are soon to be released, because that was the deadline of punishment.”

But despite all the ex-soldiers must answer before the law, and added that: “People who have made grave crimes against personality and human dignity, have no right to be tolerated. If you do not punish these things, we give birth to not one Chikatilo in the Soviet Union, and will companies, battalions Chikatilo. The Ukrainian society, and any society that can’t handle Jesuitism, violence and an absolute rejection of the foundations of the state”.

As reported UNN, the court in the case of “tax areas Klimenko” will begin on may 3.