Sunday. Lions. Stadium “Ukraine”. Karpaty – Dynamo – 1:1. 55th minute. After hitting the ball Serhiy Miakushko flies into the gate Maxim KOVAL. Photo of Eugene KRAUSE

KARPATY – DYNAMO – 1:1 (0:1)

Goals: SPECIES (Pivari), 12 – 0:1. MYAKUSHKO (penalty kick), 54 – 1:1.

Karpaty (Lviv): Pidkivka – 6.0 Mm. Lobi to 5.5. Nesterov and 5.0. Fedetskiy – 6.0 mm. Miroshnichenko – 6.0 mm. Tissone is 5.5. Golodyuk (K) is 5.5. Carrascal – 5,5 (Di Franco, 60 – 5,0). MIAKUSHKO – 6,5 (Khudobyak, 90+2 – b). Gutsulyak is 5.5. Smooth – 5,0 (Akulinin, 73 – 5,0).

“Dynamo” (Kiev): Koval – 6.0 Mm. KENDZERA to 5.5. KIND – of 6.0. Kadar is 5.5. Pivaric to 5.5. Korzun and 5.0. Garmash – 5,0. Morozyuk Is 5.5 (Besedin, 72 – 5,0). Buyalsky – 5,5 (Junior Moraes, 61 And 5.5). Kravets (K) is 5.5. Mbokani is 5.5 (Shepelev, 85 – b/o).

Punishment: Korzun, 54 (warning).

Chances: 3 – 5.

Shots (on target): 6 (4) – 17 (7).

Corner: 1 – 8.

Referees: TRUKHANOV. Beetles (both – Kharkiv). Holodinsky (Kharkov region).

29 Oct. Lions. Stadium “Ukraine”. 3 degrees. 4125 viewers (up 28 051).

A lot of rain in Lviv since then, as now settled on opposite ends of the table, the opponents played at the start of the championship – and a lot of trials fell in the three months to their share. Dynamo, for example, on the eve of the July match against Karpaty who beat in native walls “young boys” 3:1 and defeated on the “Olympic” Lviv with the score 5:0, from then went to Bern, where the Swiss lost 0:2 and left the Champions League at an unexpectedly early stage.

With the same opponent, but in the group stage of the Europa League, will play Kiev this week, however, any Parallels in the capital club dismiss the threshold. Thoughts about the game, which would be nice, firstly, to take revenge on the Bernese “guys”, and secondly, ahead of time to arrange, maybe even first place in the output of the next stage, Dinamo was postponed until Monday.


Yesterday Alexander Khatskevich has missed not only still practicing severe restrictions Viktor Tsygankov and captain Serhiy Sydorchuk, on the timing of the return of which into the system, and indeed about the possibility to avoid major knee surgery will only be two weeks. Disqualification of Derlis Gonzalez forced him to send one to the left has manifested itself in the universal Vitaliy buialskyi, and in the course of the match – not a good life to subcontract part of the wing… Junior Morais.

At the same time, returned to action after a terrible injury domagoj Vida, and have distinguished themselves in the match with Shakhtar, but earned in this meeting injury not involved in playoff battle with the “Alexandria” Nikita Korzun returned to Lviv on the eve of the game and in the overall group, and in composition. Earning shortly after the break, the liberal hitherto Konstantin Trukhanov’s not just the match’s first yellow card – a penalty, a phenomenally executed with 35 meters Serhiy Miakushko.

– Smith, – will say after the match Khatskevich. – When you hit this range, it is the fault of the goalkeeper. Yes, he saved the situation in several dangerous episodes, but the memory remains last. Well, let’s analyse…


Since then, as in “the Carpathians” was dismissed Sergio Navarro and his entire coaching staff, but kept gaining numerous Legion Dario Drudi, Lvov scored until the 55th minute of yesterday’s game just two goals – both from set pieces. Failed the Dynamo period, but hardly touched the ball in a match where there is a real opportunity to redeem Oleksandr hladkyi scored at the Ukrainian Sergio – Sergey Zaitsev – goal from a penalty, and scored a quick goal, which Kiev is also his account, recorded in the asset scoring a wonder free-kick.

Flashed yesterday and scored a quick goal in the Carpathian scheme with three defenders, which in the last six months were cultured in “Dinamo” did not recognize him seriously Serhiy Rebrov. And it’s not just the penalty, parachute running under the bar without a chance for almost no wrong Maxim Koval. You may recall how Carrascal, later himself famously obostrani game in the Kiev realm, threw the ball behind the defenders – who scored the second goal was a goalkeeper with an eye for an eye, but him and struck.

A similar moment occurs in the beginning of the second half – the only, perhaps the difference is that young Carrascal (and the Colombian twenty) will be too long to mess around with the ball in the penalty area and the defenders, his superior in experience and in strength, literally dragged the guy into the lawn. Two minutes later he burst into the penalty area again, it will be extremely persistent – but Smith will help out the team again, earning applause from a few, but no less demanding of the Lviv public.


This match Khatskevich started with two forwards, finished with three, and of course, as in the match with Chornomorets, had to field four. But it didn’t help. Artem Kravets for the second game in a row wearing the captain’s armband, started off well, was just outplayed in the opening stages of the Novel Pidkivka, played a couple of good punches, but after a break of almost occurred. Dieumerci Mbokani looked sharper – and even scored in the beginning of the meeting head after a corner kick, but the referee disallowed the goal, finding a foul in the attack.

Who is broke in this episode rules, difficult to judge: fell as a result of the contact of the game only. He also scored the only scored the Dynamo goal, not afraid to play not so long ago a broken head after the filing of the first of Pilarica. Left-back, incidentally, belonged to the last in the game the chance of the capital team, but, playing last minute free-kick, Pivaric to punch right on target did not dare.

Score people could – and more than once, but the shot Mbokani after separation from Andrew Nesterov managed to fight off the knee of Pidkivka, he will catch the ball on the line after hitting Garmash head, and the shot sent the third forward of “Dynamo” in this match by Junior Moraes, the Keeper beat out with his fist. However, at this point it will pechataetsya guests a fourth striker Artem Besedin.


In the ranks of “Carpathians” in addition to scored a quick goal, it is logical to mention Artem Fedetskiy – he knew exactly at what times you can play a little harder what is permitted, but not to the referee. One of the leading players of the hosts and Vitaliy buialskyi took the body, and Mbokani back attacked – Trukhanov just reminded Lviv defender look where his pocket cards.

…But in the end, when faced with Oleg Golodyuk Congolese could not continue the game, Khatskevich had to release Vladimir Shepelev. Forwards he had at that time already over.

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine