Roman Sushchenko

KIEV. 21 Feb. UNN. In the coming days will be drawn up the indictment in the case of the Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko who is in custody in Russia. After the approval of the Prosecutor’s office in conclusion, I will go to court. This was reported by lawyer mark Feigin, writes UNN.

The lawyer said that today he and his client would proceed to the examination of exhibits.

“Today, I and my client Roman Sushchenko will get acquainted with physical evidence in a criminal case, in SU FSB. This mean that in the coming days, consequence will be drawn up the indictment. Then it will go to the Prosecutor and after allegations to the court,” — said Feigin.

Recall Sushchenko have already read 12 volumes against him of the case.

Earlier it was reported that the Moscow city court extended the arrest of Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko until 30 March 2018. Sushchenko is accused of espionage. The journalist pleaded not guilty.