Became known shocking details associated with fatal accident in Odessa, where he suddenly died policeman of the national guard, and two of his companions and three civilians were injured.

So, yesterday, 30
March, in Odessa happened large road accident. At the crossroads
streets of Chisinau with the Dobrovolsky Avenue collided cars brand Opel,
Omega and Mercedes. As a result of collision of Opel was thrown into the walking part
street, where stood three police officers. The accident killed one soldier of the national guard. More
five people — two colleagues dead and three civilians — were injured. All of them
delivered to a medical facility.

According to the head of public
the organization of “Street front” Damian has Hanula, after a terrible accident, the Internet was
released a video which shows how an unknown man comes to
wounded soldiers and beat them. Moreover, as eyewitnesses,
the attacker wanted to take a service weapon, were one of
the victims of fighters, however, prevented him passing citizens.

In turn, Hanul
called on activists to seek out the unknown, so he was punished.

Recall that in
Odessa was a mass of fatal accidents with national guardsmen.