Ultras Dnipro attacked and beat honorary President of SC “Dnepr-1” Yuri Birch during the match in 16th round of the Second League.

Fans of the Dnieper was unfavorably disposed to the opponent even before the match by posting a provocative banner with the words “We will break you birch and the collapse of your dock.”

SK Dnipro-1 did not respond, but during the break it did not prevent the ultras of the Dnieper to break into the sector rivals and start a fight, in which several blows to the face he received and honorary President of the SC “Dnepr-1” Yuri Birch.

Also injured and ordinary fans of Dnepr-1, who have seized the banner and drum. Later this paraphernalia was burned at the sector of fans of the Dnieper.

It is worth noting that the fans of the Dnieper was originally opposed to SK Dnipro-1, which was created last may and hastily introduced in the Second League. They consider the emergence of a second club in the city on the basis of “canonical” Dnepr – betrayal.

Honorary President of the SC “Dnepr-1” Yuri Birch, who is also a people’s Deputy, previously tried several times to reason with the fans, but in vain.

Regarding today’s match, he ended with the victory of the Dnieper river (2:0). Goals for the winners were scored by Artem Doubek and Alexander Nazarenko.

After this victory the Dnieper river rose to 2nd place in the table of group B in Second League, while Dnipro-1 fell to 3-th position.