The film company Universal Pictures UK has unveiled the first trailer of the new animated film “the Addams Family”. Once the adaptation of the characters will confront the persistent presenter, who dreams to get Addams from the privacy and turn their everyday lives into a reality show. Animated feature filmed based on the original comics by Charles Addams, and his story intersects with the events of the previous films and TV series about the dark family. Read more about the release and the eighty-year history of the comic at RT.

  • Frame from the animated film “the Addams Family”
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Universal Pictures UK has unveiled the debut teaser trailer for the animated film “the Addams Family”. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the Studio.

The video shows fragments of typical dark family entertainment — sea battle with real explosions and torture. However, the creators stressed that fine arts the Addams also not alien.

It is expected that once the project is dedicated to the famous family, the main characters confront the presenter Margot Ridler, which has decided to transform the life of Addams in the reality show. It is noteworthy that the new film is based on the original comics by American artist Charles Addams, and not in previous film adaptations.

The development of the film adaptation was engaged in Director “Full swing” Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon (he is also known for the second “Shrek” and the third “Madagascar”). The script was written by Matt Lieberman and Pamela, Battler, along with Tim Burton worked on the animated film “Corpse bride” and “Nine.”

Voice acting in the new film adaptation was attended by Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloe grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard and Bette Midler.

To produce a draft agreed Gail Berman (“Buffy the vampire Slayer”) and Alex Schwartz (“Around the world in 80 days”). The release of “the Addams Family” will take place shortly before Halloween — October 11, 2019.

Comic eighty years of history

For the first time the history of a strange family appeared on the pages of the newspaper the New Yorker in 1938 in comic books. Ironic stories about living in a gloomy mansion the family painted the artist Charles Addams. The inspiration of the cartoonist drew in the image of a native of Westfield, new Jersey. The city was decorated with ornate Victorian mansions and old cemeteries — they were the archetype of the Gothic Addams mansion drawing.

The Addamses themselves, despite the eccentricities, love of solitude, sadistic and passion for grotesque humor, are not evil characters and do not seek to harm others.

Sketches Addams about the unusual family was published in the newspaper for the next 50 years until the author’s death in 1988. However, until the first film adaptation of the characters had no names.

  • Comics By Charles Addams
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With the development in postwar America television, and with it the heyday of sitcoms Addams drew the attention of filmmakers.

Deciding to take off on the first Addams family TV show, producers asked the cartoonist to come up with the names of the characters and carefully consider their characters. And there was the couple Gomez and Morticia, their children Wednesday and Pugsly, grandma Addams, the Butler, Lerch, uncle fester and the hand named Thing.

Each character has their own quirky Hobbies: Gomez keen on throwing knives and crash toy trains, Morticia grows poisonous plants and crops with them buds, leaving stems with thorns, the daughter Wednesday is satisfied with torturing Pugsly, and uncle fester plays with dynamite.

Black and white series and color full meter

For the first time on television the story of the Addams showed in the mid 1960-ies. Then the ratings black-and-white series “the Addams Family” producers were disappointed, and soon the series was closed.

In the 1970-ies, an attempt was made to create a cartoon version of the Addams. Studio Hanna-Barbera has made adjustments to the device life of the family: now the Addamses lived not in a Gothic mansion in the cemetery, and decorated in a Victorian style house on wheels and traveled to the United States.

Later — in 1977 — premiere of the television movie “Halloween with the new Addams family” Charles Fries Productions.

With the release of several television adaptations of producer Scott Rudin (at the time President of Fox studios) decided to start filming the film version of “the Addams Family”.

  • © Photo from the film “Addams family Values” (1993)

However, there were problems with the rights to the adaptation. They belonged to the Studio, Orion Pictures, which also planned to undertake the development of a feature film, but due to financial troubles and has not started filming.

In the result of Orion gave the rights to Paramount Pictures, which at that time was already working Rudin. Director’s chair first feature film about the Addams family took the Director of photography of films by the Cohen brothers, Barry Sonnenfeld.

The main role in the film was played by Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia, Christina Ricci and Christopher Lloyd. The role of Morticia Addams was played by Anjelica Huston, who gave his character the aristocracy and sophistication.

The film was marked by several cinematic awards. The film received a nomination for “Oscar”, “Golden globe” and BAFTA. Success full-length films pushed the creators to shoot a second part called “Addams family Values”. The sequel was awarded the “Oscar” for the best work of the art Director.

Later, based on the comic book about the Addams family was released Comedy film, a television series and video games.