Who knows, maybe in Berlin, Anna KRASUCKI assigned the role of author of a large sensation. Photo: From personal archive of Anna Krasucki

In the capital of Germany started the 24th European Championships in athletics.

Generally, in Germany the competition of such high level can take place for the third time, however, in its current capital for the first time.

Therefore, attention to this tournament, the local residents and visitors is appropriate. This is not surprising, because at the Olympic stadium gathered virtually all of the continental elite, who for six days will compete for 48 medals. That is, the view will be what, and to whom.


In record numbers appeared at this European championship the national team of Ukraine. Her colors in a new ornament from a fairly well known manufacturer of sports clothes and shoes will protect athletes from 88.

However, “protect” is a strong word for the vast majority, as they present the best performance highlighted in the continental ranking positions, very far from at least the top 20.

And for anybody not a secret that the main task of these athletes in season is not a successful performance in Berlin, but just the fact of getting into the national team. Because it gives the right to very extensive (according to the list published on the official website FLOW) kit and even some per diem. However, it is possible, in hindsight and in the national currency (such facts, according to some athletes and their coaches, have repeatedly taken place earlier), but still.

Meanwhile, even with the same equipment already happened strange incidents, and one of them even ended with a strange six-month suspension of the long distance runner Anton Grabowski. This story received wide publicity, however, describe its details, the author of these lines does not consider it necessary, since it is the hard questions can be addressed not only to the direction of FLOW, but also to the athlete, who expressed his personal opinion regarding the form, though original, but frankly unethical.


Adding fuel to the fire, and the decision of the coaching Council of the Federation to include as a spare in a short relay persons who their results and final places in the last championship of Ukraine in Lutsk is an honor that absolutely did not deserve. In particular, women Victoria Ratnikova finished the 100m is only the seventh (11,91), and Anastasia goleniów generally participate in the final did not take, had to be satisfied with only the fifth place in the 200m freestyle (23,95). In men, Grigory Fedorov and all were out of the finals in the 100m (10,78), and Arthur Nazaruk was fourth in the 200m freestyle (21,28).

As you can see, the results can be called modest, funny. Accordingly, there is no question either about the sports principle, nor common sense. Seems exceptionally personal commitment of individual mentors, who for some reason did not cut short on the coaching Board, who claimed the final composition of the team. Well, obviously, will have to go back to all these “heroes” after the European championship…


However, besides the blatant “tourists” have in our team those who are really capable to fight for medals. First of all, we are talking about the current European champion on 800-metrovke Natalia nefti I Gaza and is unique in its nature, only some 20-year-old vysotnye, silver medalist of the world championship Yulia Levchenko. This season, they show good form and have the terms that you can qualify for pedestalize place. Therefore, I sincerely believe, very soon they will be both pleasant reality.

Quite capable of high achievement is another runner on the 800m and Olga Lyahova both baronetcy 400 m – Anna Ryzhikova Victoria Tkachuk. They are all very ambitious and quite competent in tactical combat, than frankly I would like to see after their races in Berlin.


Very interesting is expected to struggle in the women’s jump sectors a classic triple. In the first case, will keep my fingers crossed for the Marina Bech and Christine Grishutin that on the same domestic League in Lutsk showed very optimistic results, respectively, 6.86 and 6.81. In Berlin such flights probably will be competitive. Until recently, however, both our athletes was not stable, so what they are really capable of, it seems, now they do not know themselves.

Return encouraging results Olga Saladuha allow to expect a pleasant surprise. Main competitors of our glorious jumper, it seems, has managed to write her off, but luck Saladuha was able to fly to 14.19. Under certain circumstances, in Berlin, you can expect success with this figure, because the competition level is phenomenal Columbine Catherine Ibarguen will not be there. A former Ukrainian Anna Minenko (Knyazev), predstavlyayushie now Israel, too, technically he noted.


You can expect a pleasant surprise from Anna Krasucki. This 22-year-old athlete finally recovered from the effects of a nasty injury, and this season well “gaining momentum”. Her “personal best” in Lutsk – 14.15 – the best evidence. Besides the high potential Krasucki visible, that is, to the naked eye. Maybe just in the German capital and will happen sensational breakthrough?..

Frankly, anything you can expect from our women in all other categories, except, apparently, short sprint. Yes, in the current season Christina Stoy set the 100m record 11,20, but for the bitter struggle with the current European leaders is not enough. Accordingly, there is nothing to catch in Berlin, and 4x100m.

But in the 4×400 some hope of success. Of course, the personal performance of our leaders today are frankly not impressive, but the Quartet is able to “shoot” just impressive. Expectations girls?


See much more modest claims for medals for men. Yes, there are in a system worker Andriy Protsenko, but this season his numbers were far from desirable. Sprinter Sergiy Smelyk? Believe in his iron character, but…

Accordingly, it seems, is to expect surprises only from representatives of walking and long jumper Sergey Nikiforov. To admit his winning flight in Lutsk on 8.23 optimistic surprised. After all, with such a measure, under certain circumstances, in Berlin you can easily be one of the favorites.


Finally, on the psychological attitude of our athletes. Some of them promised to give a prelaunch interview, but then apologized, unanimously refused. They say, bad luck, and many athletes, as you know, great superstitious. Therefore, in principle, this “silence” should be treated with understanding. Moreover, they promised to answer all the questions after the competition. Well, hopefully these issues will be the level of a mutually joyful…

Sergey DATSENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine


Men: Alexander Sokolov (100 m, 4×100 m), Serhiy Smelyk (200m, 4x100m), Emil Ibrahimov (200m, 4x100m), Vladimir Suprun (4x100m), Arthur Nazaruk (4x100m), Grigory Fedorov (4x100m), Vitaliy Butrym (400 m, 4×400 m), Alexey Pozdnyakov (400 m, 4×400 m), stanisław Sennik (400 m, 4×400 m), Dmitry Bikulov (4×400 m), Artem Shamatrin (110 m), Denis Nechiporenko (400 m), Daniil Danilenko (400 m, 4×400 m), Yevgen Hutsol (800 m, 4×400 m), Vladimir Kits (1500 m), Basil Smith (10,000 m), Dmitry SIRUK (10,000 m), Marjan Sokolnicki (walk 50 km), Ivan Baserock (walk 50 km), Valery Litany (walk 50 km), Ivan Losev (walking 20 km), Victor Sumic (walking 20 km), Oleksiy Kazanin (walking 20 km), Alexander Sitkovskiy (marathon), Igor Olefirenko (marathon), Dmitry Lashin (marathon), Igor Russ (marathon), Yuri Rusuk (marathon), Sergey Nikiforov (length), Vladislav Mazur (length), Andrey Protsenko (height), Dmytro Demianiuk (height), Victor lonskij (height), Vladislav Malykhin (pole), Mykyta Nesterenko (disk), Igor Musienko (core), Gleb Piskunov (hammer), Vladimir Myslivecek (hammer), Sergei Regada (hammer) Yuriy Kushniruk (spear).

Women: Christine Stuy (100 m, 4×100 m), Alina Kalistratova (200m, 4x100m), Elizabeth Bryzgina (200 m, 4×100 m), Yana Kachur (200m, 4x100m), Anastasia goleniów (4x100m), Victoria Ratnikova (4x100m), Anna Plotitsyna (100 m), T. Miller (400 m, 4×400 m), Anastasia Bryzgina (400 m, 4×400 m), Alina Logvinenko (400 m, 4×400 m), Catherine Klimuk (4×400 m), Olga Bibik (4×400 m), Anna Ryzhikova (400 m, 4×400 m), Mary michalenko (400 m), Victoria Tkachuk (400 m hurdles), Natalia Prischepa (800 m), Olga Lahova (800 m), Elena Serdyuk (10 000 m), Eugene Prokofiev (10,000 m), Julia Shmatenko (5000 m, 10,000 m), strebkova Natalia (3000 m s/p), Inna Kashina (walking 20 km), Hope Bohr (walking 20 km), Mary Piluk (walking 20 km), Christina. (walk 50 km), Vasilina Vitousek (walk 50 km), Alina Zvili (walk 50 km), Olga Kotovskaya (marathon), Victoria Hopeline (marathon), Daria Mikhaylova (marathon), Vera Ovcharuk (marathon) Yulia Levchenko (height), Ekaterina Tabashnik (height), Oksana Okuneva (height), Olha saladukha (triple), Anna Krasutskaya (triple), Maryna Bekh (length), Christina Hristina (length), Marina Kripke (pole), Daria Sloboda (heptathlon), Rimma hordiyenko (heptathlon), Alina Schuh (heptathlon), Anna gatsko-Fedosova (spear), Olga Hungry (kernel) Viktoriya Klochko (kernel, ROM), Irina klymets ‘ (hammer), Alain Samutina (hammer), Irina Novozhilova (hammer).