Europe needs a “military Schengen” – U.S. General

This is necessary in order to effectively counter Russia


The commander of the U.S. army in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges has urged European countries to agree on a special transport and border regulations, so that NATO forces can move quickly if necessary, deter potential aggressors such as Russia.

“The Alliance forces must be able to move faster than the forces of the Russian Federation, if we want our capacity of containment has been effective,” – said Hodges of the world’s media with reference to Associated Press.

According to the General, the EU needs to create something of the type “military Schengen” when people and goods can cross borders without identity verification.

Hodges said that NATO must understand how “to get the desired speed within the framework of the existing peace of the rules for movement on highways, railroads”.

But, of course, will require the approval of national parliaments.

Earlier, Lithuania urged the EU leadership to create a “military Schengen area”, to quickly transfer troops across Europe.