Thursday. Vigo. Stadium “Vigo”. “Celta” – “Shakhtar” – 0:1. 26 minutes. Just Gustavo BLANCO LESHCHUK (No. 99) zabyil the winning goal. Photo:

Celta Vs Shakhtar – 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Blanco Leshchuk, 26.

Celta (Vigo)Sergio Alvarez, Hugo Mallo, Cabral, Roncaglia, Honey, Radoja (Jozabad, 74), Hernández, Vass, Boronda (Sisto, 58), ASPAs, Guidetti (Rossi, 84).

“Shakhtar” (Donetsk): Pyatov, Ismaily, Wellington Nem, Ordets, Srna, Malyshev, Fred, Dentinho (Kovalenko, 46), Tyson (Bernard, 84), Marlos (Azevedo, 90+3), Blanco Leshchuk.

Punishment: Ordets, 40. Tyson, 45+1. Srna, 45+2. Radoja, 67. Vass, 71. Malyshev, 75. ASPAs, 75. Rakitskiy, 81 (warnings).

Judges: Mazheyka, Shimkus, Kazlauskas (Lithuania).

16 Feb. Vigo. Stadium “Vigo”.

“The advantage of our opponents is the presence of a full game practice. Unlike us, Celta held from November thirteen official matches. However, we had been preparing for the matches against Spain and will surely show their best qualities,” so before the match described the balance of power miners coach Paulo Fonseca.

Of course, training camps and friendly matches do not go to any comparison with the official matches, especially matches in the playoffs of the Europa League. If the Spaniards are in the reel, the miners had to produce a result in fact on the move. In addition, significantly weakened Shakhtar sensational disqualified Taras Stepanenko for the deliberate receiving yellow cards in the match against “Konyaspor” in the group stage.

The experienced midfielder decided to “zero out”: conceding nothing to solve a meeting with Braga, to go out in the first match of the spring. However, according to the decision of UEFA, Shakhtar player extended the suspension to one match, and in Vigo it can help their partners unless morally.


However, a loss of the miners has not escaped. Because of injury missed the game, the leader attacks the first part of the season, Facundo Ferreyra. In addition, Viktor Kovalenko, a few days ago celebrated its 21st birthday, is not fully recovered after the injury suffered in training camp, and took a seat on the bench.

Young midfielder in the basis replaced infrequently playing from the first minute Dentinho: Brazilian located under the only striker Gustavo Blanco-Lasucom. By the way, reporting meeting was the debut for the Argentine, who chose his “career” 99th room.

Otherwise, Fonseca, released the usual composition, but with some exceptions. The goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov no doubt, as, indeed, the position of laterals, which regularly played Darijo Srna and ismaily. But in the centre of defence place Olexandr Kucher paired with Yaroslav Rakytskyy Ivan Ordets. Maksim Malyshev in the holding area predictable replaced Stepanenko, Fred and alternatives at the Donetsk club virtually no. Striking force made up Brazilians Marlos, taison and Dentinho with the tip of a Blanco-Lesya.


From the first minute seized the initiative owners. Wards Eduardo Berizzo tried to push miners to his own penalty area, trying to act as close as possible and aggressive.

However, a special roughness in the action of the Spaniards was not observed. While in one of the joints was on the lawn John Guidetti is only a few minutes later he managed to get back in the game.

At the end of the first quarter, the hosts created the first threat on goal Pyatov, however, Guidetti was flagged for offside. Swedish Grenadier in General was hardly probable not the most visible character in the field was constantly in the fight and tried to sharpen the game.

As for the team of Fonseca, in these moments a leader on the field was Fred. By the way, the Brazilian in this match had a special motivation. From the rostrum of the UPS and downs of the match was watched by the head coach of the Brazilian national team, a candidate which in addition is Fred Tyson.

Soon a brilliant combination of organized the Spaniards. Boronda played in “a wall” with Guidetti, but in the end the overall effort of number seven “salty” summed up the accuracy. Wards of Berizzo has continued to operate in the usual pace, not allowing the miners to feel at ease the center of the field. Of particular danger is the defense of the Donetsk team were carrying sharp through balls on the active Guidetti.


In such circumstances, there was, perhaps, the most illogical of all that could happen: Shakhtar opened the score. The miners organized the first counterattack in the match. After the blunder of defenders “salty” and action-footed Tyson Fred completed the transfer Marlos, he beat the goalkeeper but hit the defender of the Spaniards. However, there was Blanco Leshchuk and with a pair of feet shot gate of owners.

Stimulated suddenly missed goal the Galicians immediately rushed to recoup. Double attack could end Iago ASPAs, but both times the striker should not have control of the ball. In response, Fred stole from Hernandez – and the only dedicated shot Alvarez in the Brazilian’s feet saved from more trouble.

A few minutes before the end of the half, the Spaniards have earned quite a promising “standard”, but the shot of Dane Vassa came above the gate. It is worth saying that in those moments on the field, “Balaidos” more dominated by emotions than a football idea. So, Tyson after collision with an opponent tried to beg for the player Celta a yellow card, but Lithuanian referee awarded a yellow card the Brazilian. And just before the departure at the break ASPAs something not liked the actions of the net, but to inflame the conflict did not give the judge.


In the second half instead of the injured Dentinho Kovalenko took. However, this change was clearly asking, because frankly, the Brazilian did not get into the game and was invisible. Withstood the onslaught of “salty”, the miners began to play more actively. Promising the opportunity to write his name on the scoreboard was Tyson, but the shot of the goal. Then a dangerous cross from ismaily only at the last moment managed to neutralize Alvarez.

Meanwhile, the team continued to act in a familiar pattern: the hosts controlled the ball, guests are trying to counterattack. At the end of the hour, the Spaniards twice threatened the goal Pyatov, however, strikes Cabralia and Guidetti, though, and came out dangerous, but the goal is not reached.

At the 73rd minute of the rostrum “Balaidos” literally exploded from anger. After a penetrating pass from the midfield, Guidetti in the fight against Rakitskiy collapsed on the lawn. The most important thing that it happened within the penalty area of the team, but the referee decided not to give a penalty kick.

Celta continued to hold territorial advantage. Clearly strengthened the team substitutions: Sisto and Jozabad their skilful actions constantly escalate the situation on the half miners. However, direct threats to the gate Pyatov almost never came. Seeing this turn of events, Berizzo brought on the last trump – striker Giuseppe Rossi. The Italian immediately joined in the game, and literally the first touch caught the ball, and then inaccurately from distance struck ASPAs.


The last few minutes of Ukrainians turned out to be particularly difficult. First of all, physically: it was noticeable, as miners in some of the episodes are literally at the limit. Fonseca stepped up the defense, leaving the battle Azevedo. By the way, the last time the Brazilian came out on the field in 2015 (!) year. Numerous casts of the Spaniards in the Shakhtar penalty area came to nothing lead.

The result – the minimal victory of the miners, making their chances of qualifying to the next round is quite powerful. Everything will be decided next week in Kharkiv, where, I think, without the support of the team Fonseca will be their task to decide.

Roman PETRENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine