EU citizens in Britain may lose some rights after Brexit, may

This statement contradicts the position of the EU


The Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa May warned that European citizens, who will arrive in the country after Brexit next year, you can lose certain rights.

Inform on it True European with reference to Reuters.

This statement contradicts the position of the European Union, which insists that during the transition period from March 2019 Britain must comply with all EU rules and to ensure that citizens of other countries are fully entitled to stay for two years.

But Mei suggested that EU citizens who come to Britain after March next year, will be treated differently.

“People who arrived in Britain, when we were members of the EU had certain expectations – they made their choices in life and set certain expectations. I’m sure there is a difference between those people who came to live with us and those who will come when they will know that Britain is not a member of the EU, ” she said.

Recall the question of the rights of citizens is one of the potential barriers between Britain and the EU in the negotiations about the transition agreement that will give both sides time to prepare for the dialogue on future relations.