Ethiopia has banned foreigners to adopt children

Traffickers prey on the problem of adoption in this country


The Ethiopian government has banned foreigners to adopt children because of fears that they will not be properly taken care of. About it reports UKRINFORM with reference to the BBC.

The newspaper reminds that celebrities brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are among those who have adopted children from that country.

Among US citizens, Ethiopia is one of the most popular countries for adoption. For 1999-2016 years, Americans adopted more than 15 thousand children from the country. In addition, families of Spain, France and Italy adopt a few hundred Ethiopian children a year.

However, human rights groups have reported that traffickers are cashing in on the issue of adoption in this country and benefit from this a large profit.

Also the reason for the debate regarding adoption by foreigners was the incident in 2013, when the American couple convicted of the murder of a little girl from Ethiopia.

The deputies of the local Parliament indicate that orphan children need to protect and support at the local level. At the same time, parliamentarians noted that the country has not enough services that would be doing it.