Experts from the European space Agency (ESA) are studying the possibility of using lunar dust as a building material in the construction of homes, laying roads, construction of launch pads and other infrastructure necessary for the members of the lunar missions. The aim is obvious: to appropriate building materials from the Ground – a luxury.

For the development of the technology of fabrication of lunar building material as a terrestrial analog, it was decided to use a dust of volcanic origin from the vicinity of Cologne. According to experts of the European centre for training of astronauts, the age of the lava could reach 45 million years. Material that simulates lunar dust, called EAS-1.

One of the problems is that to bring the dust to the level of building material is not enough. It is very dry, therefore, constantly exposed to the bombardment of cosmic particles, accumulates static electric charge, which is very dangerous for human health. In addition, the electric charges affect the properties of dust, which reduces the quality of the building material.

“This is another reason to return to the moon, — says one of the project members Erin Tranfield. We need clean the dust samples directly from the surface of the moon.”

Source — ESA