Because of the strong noise equipment thousands of birds flew away from the feeding places.
Such maneuvers are strictly prohibited by law / photo by Ivan Rusev

In the Odessa region environmentalists claim is prohibited maneuvers of a military helicopter over the territory of national natural Park reserve “Tuzlovsky limans”.

About this Facebook said the famous environmentalist and former Director of the reserve Ivan Rusev. According to him, today at 16.30 via the protected zone of NPP “Tuzlovsky limans”, at an altitude of about 100 meters, flying a helicopter. The ecologist focuses on the fact that such maneuvers are strictly prohibited by law.

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“What kind of troops belongs, is difficult to identify. What is the need for such a low flight completely unknown. The administration wasn’t informed. Its powerful noise, it flew in flocks of thousands of birds scared away and forced to fly from the places of feeding and rest several thousand migratory birds, including listed in the Red book of Ukraine”, – wrote Rusev.

He posted pictures of the helicopter and asks people to help identify equipment, “for action”.

Photo By Ivan Rusev

Reference to UNIAN. “Tuzlovsky limans” — national nature Park, located on the territory of the tatarbunar district of Odessa region. Established on 1 January 2010. Area — 27 865 hectares. Total area of water mirror ponds — 206 sq. km System of lakes located in the Park has the status of a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, with a special protection regime.