Elon Musk and his engineers are actively working on a solution to the problem, which attracted the attention of the world. All week since the discovery in a flooded Thai cave of the living students, many minds in the world solve the problem – as them therefrom to get? Children physical unlikely to repeat the difficult route to the exit for experienced divers, and so the Musk offered to take them to a rescue capsule to the submarine.

The basis is an oxygen tank from the rocket Falcon, a sealed cylindrical container with a diameter of 31 cm and a length of about 2 m. Musk instructed the SpaceX engineers replaced the valve cylinder in the door through which the inside could fit a teenager. Next, two experienced diver transporterowych container with live cargo through the bends of the cave to the outside.

Testing of the capsule in the pool in Los Angeles went on the weekend and early work week Musk was ready to send its aircraft to Thailand. Flooded areas actually not so much, but most of the way through a narrow and winding fissure where it’s better to get light.

Reviews of professional divers, we can conclude that the idea of the Mask was not very successful initially. The person inside the capsule is a very small amount of air that is impossible to fill – switch to another tank scuba gear much easier. And those who will carry this bulky thing through the cave much faster end power than if they bore children just. Will the capsule of the Mask used in the cave is a decision still to be taken.

Source — ArsTechnica