Success with the return of the first stage of the Falcon 9 launch vehicles to the designated point confuse ideological leader of the project. This is a great achievement, a milestone, but it has already been passed and the urgent need to put a new ambitious goal for the project SpaceX. What has been done – Musk has announced the launch of a regular passenger flights into near space.

The preservation of the first stage of the rocket and the cost reduction is only the first step. Next is reducing the pauses between the flight of a missile up to 24 hours. Ideally, the next generation of spacecraft, the Mask will be fully reusable. Not like the old space shuttles, and is similar to modern Airliners. They will be able to fly with passengers, to drive circles around the Earth and land. For a day, a standard time of one voyage, once again to soar beyond the force of gravity with new tourists on Board.

This is a real business plan, akin to the organizations personal tours for VIP-clients on Everest or in the Mariinsky depression. Expensive, difficult, very risky, very stupid in fact, but anyone already lined up. The satisfaction of ambition and vanity of the rich will help to raise funds for the implementation of a larger project – the development of Mars.

Elon Musk wants to take over the function space taxi driver and postman, in exclusive mode, which is going to build an Interplanetary Transit System. It will provide continuous, regular delivery of goods between Earth and Mars, but the supply chain is the backbone of any business. As a private company, the brainchild of the Mask will be able to offer their services to anyone, regardless of their goals in the colonization of Mars and state facilities. So, the “Martian fever” is not far off?
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