Today the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the decision to dismiss the head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov, who previously refused to leave his post at the behest of President Poroshenko. UNIAN has studied the causes and nuances of this high-profile conflict.

Stepanov – third Governor of the Odessa region over the past five years / photo UNIAN

The decree of the President of Ukraine on dismissal from the post of Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov was one of the most discussed events in the country. Or rather, not the document, and an official response to the actions of Poroshenko – a flat refusal to obey. In essence, a revolt called the representatives of the inner circle of Peter I almost treason. The case is really unprecedented. Showing unheard of insolence, the slave called the President’s Decree “a strange document, beyond the powers of the President are spelled out in the Constitution.”

The thing is, what to dismiss and appoint the Chairpersons of the regional administration head of power (for some time) only in consultation with the Cabinet, what time did not. To this violation and referred to the head of the field, refusing to leave the bosses ‘ office.

Note that Stepanov – third Governor of the Odessa region over the past five years, that is, during the reign of Peter Poroshenko. The first was Igor Palitsa, assigned to South Palmyra in the time of troubles, on the eve of his arrival, on may 2, 2014, there was a terrible tragedy – the riots that led to the death of almost fifty people.

In a year instead appointed former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, who is the guarantor of the Ukrainian Constitution represented in Odessa personally.

Speaking then of the state administration, Poroshenko said that the club did not give the separatists to tear the region from Ukraine, but now important, development and the fight against corruption. Supposedly, these are the tasks of the newly appointed head of the state administration.

“A great friend of Ukraine, the person who knows more than 25 years… a Person who does not word, and business proved that it can not only demonstrate a good knowledge and bring forth a creative proposal, but also to implement them”, – said during the presentation Poroshenko.

Then has done without scandals and mutual accusations, you can not say about the departure of Saakashvili in November 2016. Without waiting for a decision from the capital, flamboyant Mikheil Nikolozovich has declared resignation under the many cameras and journalists. Don’t forget to remember “not evil quiet word”, and the President, and his support of the “two clans” – the mayor Gennady Trukhanov and the head of regional Council Anatoly Urban. Were announced by other names, talked about deliberately “screw up” Kiev endeavors and much more. Thus the epithets Saakashvili was generous, including in relation to the applicable guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Resonance, as they say in Odessa, it was still the same…

The third Governor was the Maxim Stepanov, who won in the respective competition. The presentation took place in Odessa in January 2017. Again, the President himself, who had praised official who in 2008-2010 he held the position of first Deputy Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration, and then was Director of state enterprise “Printing plant “Ukraina” for production of securities”.

“He is not only a handyman with a capital letter, but also a public figure,” said Poroshenko, adding that he was confident in the correctness of his decision.

“A man with two higher educations, people is not new in the Odessa region, the person who set up work here and not to travel to foreign countries (a reference to Saakashvili, – the UNIAN), the man who is set to take on clear obligations”, – said the guarantor.

A little more than two years – and again scandal.

Stepanov has lost the trust of the President because the results of the first round of elections / photo by UNIAN

An offer which he refused

Dismiss Stepanova became known the day before the publication of the Decree, which is dated 6 April. I will remind, before Poroshenko was in Odessa and Odessa region. Then, apparently, the fate of the officials was already decided, although the official in the presidential Administration of Ukraine reported about it only on Monday, the 8th.

At the briefing Maxim Stepanov admitted that he was “made an offer” to write the application at own will, which he refused.

“I don’t have a desire to write a statement… As was the acting, and continue to do,” said the Chairman of RSA, noting that he is ready for a possible pressure.

“I’m a very strong person and can withstand any pressure… then To not have any conversations- I’m all right with health, I don’t do different things…”, – he stressed.

What was the reason for the removal of the “handyman.”?

According to the analyst Yaroslav Catholic, Stepanov has lost the confidence of the President, and the dismissal is connected, primarily, with the results of the first round. I will remind, in Odessa region the incumbent President scored less than 10% of the vote. By a considerable margin ahead of his showman Vladimir Zelensky.

“I don’t see any other reason. After all, had not previously observed any trends, indicating that the Odessa region can not cope with a particular program, not the money masters, coming from the state budget, and so on. That is, there were no problems, Stepanov worked well, and suddenly – such a personnel decision, which, in my opinion, controversial, including in terms of legality,” said the Catholic.

Yes, and their responsibilities, Stepanov coped fine. There are of course disadvantages, but in General, as the analyst believes, the catch was for that.

The similar point of view (the vote) is shared by the head of the Odessa regional organization of NGO “Committee of voters of Ukraine” Anatoliy Boyko.

“Another question: what is the purpose of a suspension? Postraschat heads of other state administration? To put Stepanova is the person who, in the opinion of the President, the best score? To punish a particular officer or something else? In any case, the suspension is political. And, in any case, in my opinion, this is an unacceptable approach because to provide the results of the election to the incumbent President is not the task of the Chairman of regional state administration,” – said Boyko.

He stresses that far from idealizing Stepanova, but believes the President’s decision is wrong: from the point of view of public service, principles, standards, approaches and the like.

On the other hand, the reaction Stepanova, too political, and he answered so boldly because of the weakness of the opponent, nebulae chances to win in the elections. It is not excluded that courage Stepanov added someone promised support.

By the way, at the briefing, he was asked a question on friendship with the club – say, the “rumor” that it could play a role in the personnel decision.

“We with Igor Palitsa for 15 years friendly relations. I never made any secret,” retorted Maxim Vladimirovich.

Indeed, the secret of this relationship has not been. Moreover, even in the appointment of the “third Governor,” the analysts talked about the fact that it is a compromise between a businessman Igor Kolomoisky, which is also associated with Mace.

“Eventually it all died away, forgotten. Like, Stepanov showed loyalty and was in the ranks, as it should, and suddenly turned so…. I believe that in the current situation: what hi – the answer”, – said Anatoly Boyko.

Commenting on the results of the elections in the Odessa region, Stepanov said, proud that the elections were fair, without any pressure, the use of administrative resources and bribery. He claims that he never put pressure on subordinates who are encouraged to vote at their own discretion.

In confirmation of his words in Facebook on posted the photo, which depicted with a small placard: “Ensure fair elections! Removed?”.

On the eve of Poroshenko has held a meeting with representatives of NGOs / REUTERS

“Both are not sincere”

In contrast to the “fair elections” in Facebook the leader of OO “Street front” Damian has appeared Hanula layout for alleged abuse suspended Chairman of RSA. It notes that on 6 April, Saturday, the President of Ukraine has held a meeting with representatives of public organizations, which “is not the first year fighting corruption”. The head of state they put on the table evidence of corruption schemes and the appropriation of budgetary funds, which are directly related allegedly has the former head of the Odessa region. In the list – “information package” for the support of the Institute of the so-called “familiarity” and “cronyism” in the Odessa region.

The authors talk about the millions in kickbacks received, for example, in the construction of roads, unfair distribution of contracted work outputs on the representatives of regional law enforcement agencies, lobbying of interests of specific individuals, including relatives, and more.

Published information definitely needs to be checked with the relevant authorities. However, in this context, some questions still remain unanswered. In any case, for now. In particular: why was this incriminating evidence has appeared only now, exactly at the time of the scandal with the suspension? If abuse of such a scale, is in the presidential Administration did not know about them? Didn’t even know? And if you knew why so much time all the “down on the brakes”?..

Another caveat. Saying that, really, the dismissal Stepanova prepared earlier. Ostensibly for this purpose was appointed his first Deputy Sergey Parashchenko, which, according to the decision of the President, now needs to perform the duties of the Chairman of the regional administration. Talking about him as a person far not poor, and his ambitions. Figure close to the President, which may be an independent player.

In other words, the process can be much deeper, and the true causes of the scandal hidden from ordinary people.

“I would say that they are good both the President and the head of the state administration. In the sense that both are not sincere. And it would not be desirable to the removal Stepanova somehow affected the election results. Would not advise the headquarters of Peter I, to do it some kind of bet. Unfair elections – not exactly what you need to Ukraine”, – said Anatoly Boyko.

What will happen tomorrow? It all depends on how decomposed the Ukrainian political solitaire. But, as if the map is not laid down, such stories is not good for the image of the country…

Larisa Kosova