Icelandic singer Bjork is well known for its experiments in the field show business, so it’s no surprise that sales of the next album “Utopia” she decided to use blockchain technology. Support her in this endeavor, a London-based startup Blockpool. As stated by the singer, the novelty will be not only to buy cryptocurrencies – bitcoin, litecoin, dash and audiocoin, but to receive a gift of crypto-currency bonus.

Buyers who pre-order on the official web-site, will be credited to e-wallets 100 audiologynow units of cryptocurrency designed specifically for the music industry (at present it corresponds to a rate of $0.19). Owners of the new album will have the opportunity to earn extra audioline and other “cryptography”, communicating with the singer online and attending her concerts.

While it is unclear how all this will work. However, many agree that this project has good chances to become a means of promoting the idea of cryptocurrencies “to the masses”.