The Dynamo were held at the Austrian training camp test the pouring rain and tests of endurance. Ahead of test matches.

If the match can take place in any weather, about the training and say nothing. The sun over the Alps, or the leaden clouds – Dynamo twice a day to go perfectly prepared for surprises heavenly office lawn in Seefeld and without previous piety with a glance at the picturesque mountain landscape begin to work.

Difficult local climate taught the people of Kiev to the specifics gradually. At first, the rain interspersed with excellent Sunny weather, and over the fields, prompting the players and the coaches passion for photography, and hung two of the rainbow. But Wednesday came into its own downpour that lasted all day. Whether it is storm, the team would make in the plans for adjustments, and so wet I had to the players and Alexander Khatskevich with all the coaching staff.

The doctors, watching their troops, grumbled: the Dynamo came out for the morning lesson, light, and soaked shirts to the cleaners, of course, risked to catch a cold. By early evening the rain only intensified – and there was no need to convince you to pull over t-shirts reliable parkas.

Game-drill on a small field, but it is a standard gate, on the one hand, increased intensity of work players, but on the other, was electrified by the Keeper. Maxym Koval, for example, made three saves in one bright moment, for which he deserves applause not only coaches, but also… beat is on target partners.

Not canceled weather and a series of strength exercises, and exercise with ropes for an even number participated Maksim Shatskikh. And in the evening players this is about ten acceding later to the team of collectors waited for the so-called bleep test. Or, more simply, a test of endurance.

Arrived the day before derlis Gonzalez in the company of tamás kádár, Vitorino Antunes, Artem Besedin, Victor Tsygankov, Vladimir Shepelev, Nikita Korzun, Mykola Morozyuk, Andriy Yarmolenko and domagoj Vida had covered the distance between the two rows of chips, focusing on the audio signal. He set the pace – from walking, Jogging to sprinting.

Almost all stayed until the end, but eight of the ten players went down simultaneously. Tsygankov and Shepelev showed incredible restraint, and the winner was last, breaking the final meters under the cheers did not have time to catch my breath partners.

Yesterday the Dynamo program at the camp assumed two workouts later today and tomorrow on the background of fatigue Kiev will play a friendly sparring – with the local “Wattens” and Romanian “Botosani”.

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine