Monday. Marbella. Training Of “Dinamo”. Alexander Khatskevich. Photo of FC “Dynamo”

On Monday, the Dynamo began at the Spanish training camp with the monotonous, yet revealing test of endurance, and finished the long-awaited ball

Neither a long flight nor the hour trip by bus from Malaga airport to Marbella did not serve the Kiev players a mitigating circumstance. After accommodation in the hotel, lunch and a short rest they descended on Sunday evening from the mountain, where many players friend Golf club La Quinta,to the training field and spent at least in General, and which was introductory in character, but very intense workout.

After watching for a few minutes for playing in the neighborhood of the control sparring “Basel” and “Tianjin Coinstar” (derlis Gonzalez and Junior Moraes found many friends in both teams), players began to run and engage with a mentor of physics Vitaly Coyboy. We don’t know for sure, never would have guessed that Benjamin, Verbic first practiced in the outfit of the Kiev club, Artem Shabanov wore her last 15 years in the club’s Academy, from which he moved to Arsenal, and for ten years, which was not in the Dynamo Ruslan rotan in the band changed everything except Oleg Gusev and then not including the main Yevhen Khacheridi.

And ended the session with a training match. She may have, and would have seemed ordinary, don’t play for one of the teams in the green bib Oleg Luzhny to which nominal opponents were even afraid to approach, and the other in red – and- Maksim Shatskikh, which could not keep up in separate attacks, and young defenders.

The reason to play in the memory (and possibly out loud) the folk wisdom “Monday – day heavy” and “good Morning” had the Dynamo in the first full day of the camp. Kulyba carefully secured on the backs of the players, special sensors in all details record the reaction of the organism to load – and asked them “beep test”. Like and monotonous, but perfectly relying physical form of the players strength.

Simply put, it’s a Shuttle run between the two which is twenty meters from each other lines. The goal is to reach the features until you hear the new signal. But the fact of the matter is that the interval is gradually reduced, and athletes for whom speed at some point it becomes unbearable, gradually eliminated from the group started. Finish the test is only at the moment when, as mentioned in the famous series, “there will be only one”…

The Dynamo were divided into two groups – first, beating lasted almost until the end of Tomas the KENDZERA and Josip of Pilarica, the winner was Vladimir Shepelev, for a long time then restored breathing. Second, cursing under his breath monotonically otoribashi stages and segments of the voice from the speaker, – Vladislav Kalitvintsev, only recently recovered, note from injury…

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine