Staff utilities carry out works on liquidation of consequences of elements.

Illustration REUTERS
Today in Odessa the result of bad weather flooded roads and fallen trees.

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As reported the UNIAN in a press-service of the city hall, due to bad weather conditions, prolonged rain and gusty winds, 19 Nov fallen 9 trees and 7 large branches.

It is noted that at the moment the staff of the municipal enterprises “Gorelektroset” and “FSW” works on liquidation of consequences – cutting and cleaning of fallen trees.

Trees and large branches fell in different parts of the city, including at Seminarskaya str., 5, where the Main Department GFS in Odessa region.On all roads where most of possible flooding during heavy rains, staffed by teams of KP “City roads”, experts perform works on cleaning of the storm drains.

“Sheets of rain washed from the streets of the city leaves and debris, causing the sewers to become clogged and worse divert water from the streets of Odessa”, – said the press service.

As a result of falling trees damaged several cars.

As reported the UNIAN, today in Odessa in connection with bad weather – heavy rain and gusty winds – stops the movement of the two tram routes.