A student from Paris told me about the allergic reaction that it caused hair dye.

19-year-old Estelle I bought black hair dye. The instructions for the tool prescribed to ensure no allergies to it contained PPD. However, the girl was in a hurry and immediately caused the paint on the hair. This writes the Tape.ru.

Soon her top of the head began to itch and swell. By morning, the head circumference Estelle has increased from 56 to 63 centimeters.

“The forehead has doubled, — raskazala Estelle. The head was like a light bulb”. The mother took the girl to the hospital, but there she was just given medication and sent home.

The next day as Estelle continued to deteriorate. She began to choke, she has a swollen tongue, and heart palpitations. At another hospital she had been injected with adrenaline. The girl spent the night under the supervision of doctors and next day was discharged.

After recovery Estelle posted in Facebook a series of selfies, showing the development of an allergic reaction, and gave an interview to the newspaper Le Parisien.