The rapid development of unmanned vehicles, it seems that in the near future will radically change service delivery. In place of the usual “live” couriers will come thousands of drones are delivering goods straight to the doorstep.

An example of this was the UAV “Panther” of Advanced Tactics. Its main feature is shipping in “two steps.” The main part of the route it travels by air, and the rest of the route up to the porch – on the ground.

Take-off and landing Panther – vertical with four propellers. When traveling on land it successfully overcomes the roads. The load capacity of the device is 6.8 kg. the Load is securely held by the robotic arm. The weight of the UAV without load – 20 kg, length 112 and width 34 cm

Of the additional accessories necessary to acknowledge the camera, microphone, speakers, display, and controls functionality. “Panther” is capable of navigating not only the entrance door of the client, but in the warehouse where it is loaded.

The company Advanced Tactics is already taking orders. The initial price (before April 5) or the first 200 drones will be $ 2495. Necessary accessories and batteries sold separately for 1999 dollars. The company guarantees delivery within four months after payment.
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