Flying drones are oriented in space using GPS. However, satellite signals cannot penetrate deep into the earth. The Swedish company Inkonova under the leadership of Ahmed Almomani developed an unusual drone, able to navigate, to fly and ride in the underground space.

Drone Ranger Tilt moving underground through a system of laser scanners using a method called SLAM. Thanks to him, he can calculate the distance between itself and nearby objects. Based on these data, the device promptly creates a digital map of the surrounding area.

The company has recently used his drone to survey and mapping of the underground mine in Mali. Only 10 minutes were required to compile detailed maps of the plot of volume of about 30000 cubic meters. Moreover, according to the developers, mapping the volume of space in such a short time is not for the robot no difficulty.

Drones Inkonova of interest to the study of enclosed spaces, which does not penetrate the GPS signals. Not so long ago the company participated in drawing up maps of areas of one of the abandoned nuclear power plant. Work was suspended only for fear that counter-rotating propellers, the drone will raise the radioactive dust inside.

Source — Inknova