The project “the Ocean Cleanup” to stop the growth of the Great Pacific garbage spot is moved to a stage production of core tools. Team ocean scavengers rented the former Navy airfield in Alameda, the Bay of San Francisco and began to collect the necessary equipment. Extension to the scope of work in the ocean scheduled for this summer.

The essence of the Ocean Cleanup project is very, very simple: humanity has now no resources to get rid of the infamous garbage patches in the Pacific — we should at least restrain their growth. So how do the garbage heap formed by ocean currents, a former student of Bojan, Slet proposed to place in their way of a giant plastic barriers. They catch the debris that carries from the shore in the middle of the ocean, and the stain will cease to grow.

The key idea of the project is that the boom will operate passively and would not interfere with marine life. Will caught only the garbage that floats on the surface, i.e., plastic. Despite subsequent criticism, the project has already raised multi-million dollar financing will be realized. Station Alameda begin to bring their equipment to next month to collect the first piece boom length of 600 m and test it before sending it to the ocean.

Project managers say that the place for the implementation chosen in part because of its symbolism. The old station has served as a testing ground for projects like “Mythbusters”, where they filmed scenes from road accidents for the movie “the Matrix Reloaded”, it has a rich military engineering past. Maybe a halo will help to create a revolutionary cleaning system of the Pacific ocean.

Source — The Ocean Cleanup