Russian skater Alena Kostina appeared in the form of a vampire new in any program. Olympic champion Alina Sagitova show coach Eteri Tutberidze along with her dog, Masaru. Silver medalist of the world championship in 2012 Alena Leonova got married, and bronze winner of the championship in 2019 Evgeny Medvedev responded to social media criticism of his speech in a rubber suit. How is the off-season in figure skating at RT.

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“Add red lenses and you’re a vampire”

In the world of figure skating has come the offseason, however, not all athletes are in no hurry to retire. Many of them continue to hone the items and work out their programs for the upcoming season.

So, the winner of the final Junior Grand Prix of the season-2018/19 Alyona Kostina has introduced a new demonstration room to show coach Eteri Tutberidze “Champions on ice”. In it she appeared in the image of the heroine of the film “Twilight,” Bella. According to a skater, the idea of the performance came to a head mentor.

“I tried new makeup and I had very black eyes. Eteri Georgievna said, “Add red lenses and you’re a vampire. The first part is the rebirth of Bella from human to vampire, and the second — powerful, bright — how she got into this role”, — quotes Kostina official site of Federation of figure skating of Russia (FSFR).

According to her, is actively developing and arbitrary programs, for which the already selected image and music. In the short program will also be amended.

Moreover, Kostina said to have completely recovered from the injury, which she unexpectedly had to miss the Junior world championship in Zagreb. She said that in the beginning of the season she was having discomfort in his leg, which later escalated into a serious problem.


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“Now with health everything is all right. I started training, already jump, ride, spin, gain program. On fibula pushed very hard shoes, there was inflammation, after the New year had a crack — just the bone broke and broken”, she added.

However, in the life of 15-year-old Kostina is not just a sport. Many have noticed the lack of a skater in the final show Tutberidze. The coach was quick to assure that she had a good reason: she hurried to the plane, as the next day she had an important math exam.

Regarding the event itself, it went off successfully at the ice Palace in Krasnodar. In addition Kostina, and was attended by other students Tutberidze — Alina Sagitova, Anna Shcherbakova, Elizabeth Tursynbayeva, Alexander Trusov and Moris Kvitelashvili, as well as invited guests — Maxim Kovtun, couple Alexandra Stepanova — Ivan Bukin, Victoria Sinitsyna — Nikita Katsalapov and Evgenia Tarasova — Vladimir Morozov.

The audience had the opportunity once again to enjoy the winner of the world championship in Saitama, which brought her the gold medal of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang. However, the performance of Sagitova attended the highlight: she got on the ice with his dog, Masaru, that the example of the hostess carried out a number of elements, and also became a “partner” choreographer Daniel Gleichenhaus.

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To the audience’s delight, the Akita inu was not the only four-legged pet, who took part in the show. The company made Trudovoy Chihuahua Tina, dressed like a skater in the black-and-white suit.

“One rolls the Olympic program, and the other not even jumping”

In another ice show, Ice Fantasia, held in South Korea, attended two-time Olympic medalist in Pyeongchang Evgeny Medvedev. She presented a new demonstration program in which, to the disappointment of observers was not the hopping elements. Despite the entertaining nature of the event, some criticized the skater for not wanting to complicate the presentation. Thus, according to the Olympic champion of 1998, Oksana Kazakova, it may have a negative impact on her during official competitions.


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“In the show should be the elements for which the audience love you. And it is basically a multi-turn jumps. You can afford some pause, but it looks weird, especially that no restrictions Federation does not put. Perhaps those judges who watch performances, also compared Sagitova and Medvedev. One rolls the Olympic program, and the other not even jumping” — quoted Kazakov “Sports day after day”.

However, the speech of Russians in Seoul has caused mixed reactions not only because of the lack of complex elements, but in connection with the use of a figure skater fancy latex costume, which some fans considered it too candid. Medvedev, critics said with her usual irony. On his page on Instagram, she announced a contest for “the most stringent review” to a photo on which she is depicted in a pink outfit.

The protection of the skater stood up, honored trainer of the USSR Tatiana Tarasova. She urged dissatisfied more likely to pay attention to yourself and not be jealous girls.

“What they found in the costume, I ask? What is their cause? We generally ride in the stretchy fabrics that covered us from head to toe! That people have nothing better to do?”, — said Tarasova NSN.

Meanwhile, silver medalist of the world championship in 2012 Alena Leonova married peers Anton Shulepova. About it in their social networks reported the former figure skater and journalist Emma hagieva.