According to the Director of the zoo, it is the first institution in the world got this “rare animal”.
In Odessa on April 1 showed the “harp of a lion” / Screenshot Youtube, the Odessa Zoo

Director of the Odessa zoo Igor Belyakov on the occasion of the day of laughter played citizens, claiming admission to the institution a rare animal – the “harp of the lion”.

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As UNIAN correspondent, Belyakov, known in town for her creative approach to work, today posted on the social networks relevant video.

Keeping a straight face, the Director said that the zoo is a rare species of animal – the “harp twins.”

“Few know that just a year ago scientists have discovered a new subspecies of the lion – harp. Unlike their African relatives, this lion is very cold resistant. It is white because it lives in the snow, and it is small in size because its primary prey are lemmings,” – said Belyakov.

The Director emphasized that the Odessa zoo the first in the world to get this “rare animal”.

“Just a few days ago we got a male lion and harp now our visitors will be able to admire this extremely beautiful, majestic and rare beast,” he said.

After Belyakov’s complaint starts the video, which animal white color (male) walking around on the cage. It is seen that the neck of the beast, “mane”, and when he turns, it becomes clear that the cage runs the big dog, a Staffordshire Terrier, which, according to some, is the pet of the Director of the zoo.

Now this video posted on YouTube under the heading “Sensation in the Odessa zoo.”