Environment. Koncha-Zaspa. Training Of “Dinamo”. Victor TSYGANKOV, Vladimir SHEPELEV and Nikolay SHAPARENKO. Photo of FC “Dynamo

“Dinamo” has spent yesterday in Koncha Zaspa in the presence of the press part of the evening workout, and Lazio, who arrived in Kyiv only in the evening was limited to a short on the field at Olympic stadium. Bookmakers with a small margin prefer the guests, but the result of the meeting of the Roman forces in their quotations to doubt.

Ciro Immobile warily looked around a little deeper and pulled her hood up. Felipe Anderson shivered, shook stuck in the hair lush rain drops and followed suit. Simone Inzaghi with doubt picked at the toe box once, twice and grunted contentedly: despite the promise during the match, snow and temperature around zero, such a lawn needs to withstand any weather surprises.


Lazio, potrenirovatsja in the morning at its base in a warm, Formello and took off from Fiumicino with an hour’s delay, scheduled yesterday in addition to a press conference on the “Olympic” only lasted for about a quarter of an hour walk across the field. Around noisy, clearing treadmills, snowplows, photographers tried to find a static group of players and coaches more or less unusual and unexpected angle…

Happy, Luiz Alberto, who on the eve had a son, the other willingly posed against the backdrop of snow Laden Trucks, and ceded to the edge of the field Inzaghi depict our Italian colleagues-TV men, as his player, despite the replenishment of the family, seeks to play in Kiev – and almost certainly will be released together with Alessandro Murgia in the middle of the field behind scoring recently, “Cagliari” super goal Immobile. It seems that Anderson will start the match on the bench and become a “Joker” during the match.


The Dynamo took journalists to his base in Koncha Zaspa three hours earlier. Started with regular press conference and the obligatory television interview, and continued open for us a fifteen-minute workout gaining strength under the rain.

Mykola Morozyuk, who became the company Alexander Khatskevich on meet the press, Artem Besedin, who, apparently, have to play on the edge, and Denys Boiko, whose position on the last turn is not questioned, was yesterday before training in excellent spirits. And not only in the Roman draw, suddenly made the Kiev informal (bookmakers this is not very agree) favorites for the return match.

On the eve of these players has been gradually coming on runs with the ball after the injury of captain Sergey Sidorchuk in the concert “Evening quarter” – and charged with positive emotions.


But Yevhen Khacheridi, who went with them was yesterday, judging by the facial expressions, not gay. He returned to training after a short pause, which Khatskevich explained not too professional attitude of the defender to the case – but the preconditions for its exit from the first minute today, virtually no.

Universal Mykyta Burda, able to play anywhere in defence, and at need, and in midfield, has returned from the infirmary and imperceptibly again became a team player. The coaches clearly trust him more experienced Khacheridi and yet not written plainly in the basis Artem Shabanov. In front of the camera it feels not so confidently as in the game – but the words in the interview says is correct. Stipulating in each response: “If, of course, the coach will trust me a place in the squad…”


By the early Dynamo workout well it was getting cold and most of the players, kipervas wearing under parkas thermal underwear, wrapped neck scarves and pulled on the eye caps. Someone, however, without hats, and Vitaliy buialskyi (it was literally too cold to look) little has changed jackets with Morozkom – flashed her bare legs from under the shorts.

From standing around the field reporters teeth did not fall, and he managed to run a joke with fitness coach Vitaly Coyboy. The most serious, on the contrary, it seemed Khacheridi and Vladimir Shepelev, deep in his thoughts – Viktor Tsygankov, full of hope – had taken off from the core holder, but remain in the team even in the Europa League Nikita Korzun.


A whole range of feelings experienced Tamas Kadar, who yesterday celebrated his 28th birthday. On the theory of him by tradition, was handed a t-shirt signed by all the partners, but specific to this event other team rituals like passing through a gauntlet of teammates with light kicks and slap decided to put off…

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine