Died model imane Fadil, one of the witnesses of sex parties BerlusconiPhoto: Corriere Milano – Corriere della Sera

Iman Fadil was 34 years old

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Model and dancer Moroccan Iman Fadil, one of the main witnesses in the case about sex parties former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, has died as a result of poisoning “with a mixture of radioactive substances”.

As Ansa reports, citing a statement the Prosecutor’s office of Italy, Fadil had to give testimony against the politician, media magnate.

The Times writes, Iman had to confirm at the trial that Berlusconi had paid large cash rewards for the silence of the women who worked for famous parties at his Villa policies under Milan.

La Repubblica reports that one of the components of the mixture, a radioactive isotope of cobalt.

We will note, in 2013, Berlusconi was convicted on charges in connection with an underage prostitute nicknamed ruby.

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In 2014, a Milan court acquitted Berlusconi, had abolished the appointed punishment in connection with the lack of evidence and lack of evidence.

In 2017, the Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the facts of bribery of witnesses in the case. According to investigators, Berlusconi paid key witnesses in silence. And that Fadil had to confirm it.

29 Jan Fadil was hospitalized, she was monitored for symptoms of organ failure. On 1 March she died. Experts conduct the examination. According to the testimony of relatives of the deceased model, Iman feared for his life.

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