A few hours after her daughter’s death the father of Julia Nachalova Russian composer Victor Nachalov decided to make an official statement and tell about the real reason that led to the death of the singer.

According to Nachalova, the actress died from cardiac arrest after a blood infection. Yulia liovochkina Nachalovo, as you know, not has become today, March 16, reports “Диалог.UA”.

“Strong abscess, blood poisoning. Heart failed”, – said Victor Nachalov.

One of the first of the death of the singer told its representatives in Instagram.

According to sources, Yulia Nachalova was admitted to hospital on 11 March. From the hospital she never came out. The state of Nachalovo was much troubled by her entourage, the doctors have done everything possible to help the artist survive.

Today, a number rossm said that after surgery on the leg, transferred Nachalovo, she started bleeding, which could lead to amputation.

Note that the singer on stage five. She won the children’s TV contest “Morning star” for his singing career has released 8 albums.

Yulia Nachalova starred in the movie led to the transfer.

The singer left a minor daughter, born in marriage to a famous football player by Aldonina.

The Network wave of grief, many fans of Nachalovo can’t believe that the singer is no more.

Write the words of sorrow and those who are not fond of her work, but condolences to the family and friends of the singer in connection with such a tragic loss.

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