KIEV. March 2. UNN. The position of London and Brussels about the relationship after Brexit failed to reconcile even at the meeting, Theresa may and Donald Tusk in the capital of the United Kingdom. Michel Barnier, who represents the European Union in the negotiations with great Britain for Brexit, warned London that fail to achieve beneficial only to him trade relations with the EU after Brexit. It is reported by UNN with reference to Deutsche Welle.

“UK closes one door after another. The only model that remains is the same free trade agreement that was recently signed with Canada, Japan or Korea,” said Barnier on Monday, 1 March in Brussels, quoted by Reuters news Agency.

According to him, the EU will not retreat from adherence to its core principles and will not allow the violation of the integrity of the free market. “The future of our Union is much more important Brexit,” said chief negotiator from the EU.

Meanwhile, on March 1, met the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may and the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, which left little hope for a quick resolution of the conflict issues, reported dpa. Theresa may once again criticized the European Commission proposed a draft agreement on Brexit, which provides that Northern Ireland can remain in the customs Union of the EU after the UK’s exit from the bloc. She stated that the draft paper on Brexit is unacceptable to the UK, because if implemented, it would undermine the internal market and the structural integrity of the United Kingdom and noted his hope that European leaders will think constructively, quotes Mae’s press service. On March 2, she needs to come to Parliament with a speech about the plans about an exit from the EU.

Donald Tusk before his departure to London expressed his belief that the 27 member countries of the EU will approve a project about the UK’s exit from the bloc. “I am confident that all the nuances taken into account,” he said.

The project of the European Commission, published on 28 February, proposes as one possible solution to the Northern Irish question to this area in the future, “was considered part of the customs territory of the Union”. This would mean de facto a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Also in the draft agreement spelled out the position regarding the rights and social guarantees of citizens and workers with the EU and the UK after Brexit and functioning of the legislative system, the provisions on the protection of personal data and compliance with financial obligations of the London to Brussels.

Recall, the UK wants to make the European Union a comprehensive agreement on economic cooperation in the framework of Brexit. On Friday reported the press service of the head of the British government, Theresa may, which has circulated excerpts from her keynote speech at the Brexit, which she will perform on March 2 in London.

The European Union called the plans of the United Kingdom for a transitional period after Brexit illusory. The chief EU representative in the negotiations with great Britain for Brexit, Michel Barnier, on 27 February stated that the plans of great Britain to carve out special access to the single market of the EU, in particular for vehicles medicines, is “looking for thrills”.