People’s Republic of China is among the three leaders in production of coal after the USA and Russia. In the bowels of the earth of China is about 13% of all proven coal reserves of the earth. Also in China produce as much as 46% of world reserve of total coal.

As stated by Den Saasu, China for the entire 2017 year produced about 3.5 billion tons of coal. In addition, the people’s Republic of China consumes much more inventory of this branch than other countries. However, about 60% of the electricity produced in the state with the help of the coal industry.

It should be noted that for the last 3 years in the coal industry in PRC was observed a certain decline, but in 2017, the year the Chinese government managed to increase productivity by 3.3%. According to the plans for the development of industry, coal mining until 2020, the year should grow by 14%. Only in this case the coal will be able to meet the needs of the power industry.

If we consider the extraction of this mineral and to compare with consumption, coal reserves, which are available in China will last for the next thirty years. According to Dan Saasu, such measures can help develop the foreign relations between China and Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the coal is mined for many industries. This industry even has a few stamps. There is very development of the mine construction, as well as easily carried out design and exploration work. Thus the Ukrainian experts are well-versed in the introduction of equipment associated with the mines.

According to experts, in Ukraine there are about 115 billion tons of coal, of which 50 billion is already proven reserves. It is interesting to know that the coal industry will be able to give electricity another 450 years.

It should also be noted that the Ukrainian coal deposits are problematic, as there are thin layers of weak rocks, which are often prone to toxic gas emissions. Ukrainian layers up to 1.3 meters in capacity, which is the lowest rate among the other world countries for the extraction of coal.

Den Saasu, the representative of “WinMax Industrial LTD” says that an advantage of coal miners of Ukraine, as they have adapted to produce large quantities of coal of the most powerful formations. So he thinks that the experience of the Ukrainian coal industry will help China cope with the more powerful and deep layers from two meters. And as these layers need only 30 years, China actively involves joint cooperation in the field of coal industry of Ukraine. Chinese authorities hope to borrow the Ukrainian experience in coal mining even in non-high seams.

As you know, China has cooperated with Ukraine in 2012-m year, when China is already tested technology of the Ukrainian squares and the organizer of this event was the Den Saasu.