The intelligence community of the United States declassified the recording of telephone conversations ex-the adviser to the head of the White house national security Michael Flynn and former Russian Ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak. These materials played a major role in the investigation into the alleged “interference” of Russia in the 2016 elections in the United States. According to the Senator-Republican Chuck Grassley in the negotiations and Flynn Kislyak “there was nothing bad”, however, a member of the house of representatives Democrat Adam Schiff, on the contrary, said decryption proof of guilt of the former adviser. According to experts, the recently published data do no incriminating information, but for Democrats it is advantageous to present the case in a bad light to continue the campaign to discredit Donald trump.

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American Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has published on its website a transcript of talks between former US presidential Advisor for national security Michael Flynn and former Russian Ambassador to Washington Sergei Kislyak. Documents were provided by the Director of National intelligence John Ratcliffe. Recall, these materials played a key role in the investigation into the alleged “interference” of Russia in the elections of 2016.

According to published documents, the transcript of a conversation from December 29, 2016, Flynn asks “transfer Moscow” that the outgoing Obama administration needs to prevent in its efforts to deprive the team of trump, elected President, “freedom of maneuver”. Former national security Advisor mentions the claims to Russia on the alleged attacks in cyberspace, which Moscow denied, as well as plans of the Obama administration to expel Russian diplomats from Washington.


The finale of “relegate”: as the termination of the case against former adviser to trump can affect US domestic politics

The U.S. Department of justice has stopped criminal case concerning the former adviser to Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn….

“I know that Russia will be obliged to take any retaliatory action, but I ask this and limited. Don’t go further than necessary because I don’t want it came to the escalation of the situation and reflex action. Understand?” said Flynn.

Kislyak replied that he is aware of the situation, but also requests to take into account Moscow’s position. Indirect speech of the Russian Ambassador set out in the documents, however the supporting quote is not given.

“I know, believe me! I understand that perfectly,” — said in response, Flynn.

He also repeated the request to give a moderate response to the actions of the Obama administration and said that if Russia will send 60 diplomats of the US, that “paralyzes the Embassy”.

“Let’s take equivalent measures. When the administration (trump. — RT) takes office, we will discuss where we will move in regard to our relations”, — said Flynn.

Assessing declassified records, Chuck Grassley said that there’s no compromising about that representatives of the Federal Bureau of investigation has been known since the beginning.

“Now Lieutenant General Flynn, his team of lawyers, a judge and the American people for the first time can personally verify that all this time the ringing in the address of Lieutenant General Flynn’s insinuations are groundless. In his phone conversation was not bad at all, and the FBI knew it,” — said the Republican Senator.

Grassley also expressed his regret regarding the fact that the American public could see “materials against Flynn only after almost three and a half years.” According to the politician, a former Deputy U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein team spectracolor Robert Mueller “very carefully tried to deprive” Americans of these data.

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“After all of the admitted mistakes and malicious actions of the FBI and the Department of justice during the investigation “Russian trace” we can no longer take their word for it. To deal with this mess, you need to establish oversight and transparency”, — said Grassley.

However, the Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff took the opposite position. In his opinion, provided the record, on the contrary, testify to a lie, told Flynn not only the FBI, but also Vice-President Mike Pence: “Transcript of the telephone conversation suggests that Lieutenant General Flynn secretly discussed the U.S. response to a bold Russia’s intervention in the election and lied to the FBI about this and the Vice President. It is not surprising that in the face of such incriminating facts (the President. — RT) trump and his allies are trying to rewrite history”.

It is worth noting that at the same time intelligence was declassified transcripts of five: three of them date back to 23, 29 and 31 December 2016, two more conversation took place on 12 and 19 January 2017. In them, Flynn and Kislyak discussed the settlement of the Syrian crisis and the situation in the middle East.

“Breathe life in “Russian business”

We will remind, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, former head of the intelligence Department of the Pentagon, became an adviser to Donald trump on national security in January 2017. However, less than a month he was forced to resign due to accusations of allegedly providing inaccurate information about his contacts with former post of the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak.

Shortly thereafter, the FBI initiated an investigation against Flynn in the case of “ties” the election headquarters of Donald trump with Russia in the framework of the Commission of spectracolor Robert Mueller. While Flynn was accused of perjury.


Repetition: as a new report from the U.S. Senate Committee on the “intervention” of Russia can influence the election of 2020

The conclusions of us intelligence about the “intervention” of Russia in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 no doubt. This is stated in the…

As noted earlier, the experts, former adviser to trump was caught in a so-called trap of false testimony. This is confirmed by an internal FBI documents, declassified by the court and published by the lawyers of Flynn. The memo to the heads of the Bureau discussed how to “force him to lie.”

According to the published data, the conversation with the investigators was conducted without a lawyer, and agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation specifically interrogated the suspect thus to obtain an inaccurate response already clarified their questions and, under this pretext, to accuse Flynn of perjury.

First, a former adviser to trump cooperated with the investigation and admitted his guilt, but at the end of January 2020, he demanded a full acquittal, saying that the FBI has made deception his testimony, recognized about.

The fact Flynn was one of the main components of the Commission’s investigation of Muller, which was conducted for two years and was completed in March 2019. At the same time in the Congress were sent the final report, which said that identifying collusion trump with Moscow has failed, however, the document contained a statement that Russia allegedly interfered in the elections of the President of the United States. The Russian authorities repeatedly rejected the accusations of the American side.

However, the judicial process in the case Flynn is still ongoing. Former adviser to trump never sentenced for alleged withholding from the FBI of the information about contacts with Kislyak. In may, the U.S. justice Department closed the criminal case against Flynn, but the court in the district of Columbia intends to hear the opinion of the independent expert organizations before you make any decision.

In turn, Donald trump has called the investigation against Flynn’s “political Scam”. He stated this in an interview with the American channel Fox Business.

According to a leading researcher of the Center for the study of security problems of the RAS Konstantin Blokhin, the case is Flynn really “is corporationanit”.

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“It was then, when there was the resignation of Flynn’s parallel to the spun theme notorious “intervention” of Russia in the elections. You could even say that was the peak of this story. And the Democrats have caught on this trend to discredit trump and to bring the matter to his impeachment,” — said the expert in an interview with RT.

In his opinion, at present, opponents of the White house “trying to find all sorts of ways to expand the front against him, and to breathe new life into the so-called Russian business”.

As explained by RT, the Director of Fund of studying of the USA Franklin Roosevelt at the Moscow state University Yury Rogulev, “democracy is extremely difficult to admit their mistakes”, so they do not abandon far-fetched idea that Russia helped Trump to become President.

“Representatives of the democratic party continue to insist on this. Grab declassified records of negotiations and Flynn Kislyak, call it proof of guilt of the former adviser to the President, although in reality it is absolutely not true,” said the analyst.

“Will be exaggerated even more”

According to experts, despite the absence of incriminating information in the declassified records of the negotiations and Flynn Kislyak, representatives of the democratic party will continue to promote the theme of “Russian intervention”, including in the presidential election of 2020.

Recall the latest series of similar statements of the representatives of the democratic party, appeared once in February, the American media began to exaggerate the issue of Russian “interference” in the upcoming electoral process in the United States.


Trap General: what is known about the publication of new documents about “relationships” trump with Russia

The court released the documents in the case against former adviser to trump the national security Michael Flynn. According to declassified…

So, the candidate in US presidents from democratic party Joe Biden at a meeting with voters said he was not surprised by this information and “guarantees” that Russia was involved.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren said in turn that “interference” of Russia in American elections is a threat to the national security of the United States.

Meanwhile US President Donald trump said that the message the American media about “the Russian intervention” — another “misinformation campaign” launched by the Democrats in Congress. About this he wrote on his Twitter page.

The Russian side once again rejected accusations of “meddling” in the American elections. The Russian Embassy in the United States urged American politicians to stop unfounded accusations against Russia, stressing that Russia’s position in this matter is simple and clear: “the Russian Federation does not “interfere” in the internal Affairs of other countries.”

“No doubt, this subject of the Russian intervention will be exaggerated even more by the Democrats and the media under their control,” — says Yuri Rogulev.

However, despite all the efforts of the representatives of the Democratic party, business Flynn completed his full justification, the expert predicts.

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“Moreover, former adviser to the President can return to the administration of the President of the United States, but, rather, to another position,” — said Rogulev.

In the whole history of the case Flynn “not much impact on the election chances of the trump,” the analyst believes.

“Now much stronger on the probability of reelection trump is influenced by such factors as economic recession and other negative consequences of the pandemic coronavirus. From them largely depends on the position of the acting head of the White house and the likelihood that he will remain in office for a second term”, — concluded Rogulev.