Another database nibiruans netizens discovered thanks to Google Earth.

So, Internet users were found in Antarctica with the help of the above service mysterious buildings of the aliens from Nibiru, which the authorities prefer to keep silent, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Most likely, we are talking about a secret base of the Nazis, which was during the Second World war and which is now used by humanoids.

So, users of Google Earth have found that if you enter coordinates °0’46.98 S 0°4’52.71 E, we can see in the middle of Antarctica a number of strange objects of artificial origin. They are too close together and symmetrical to each other, some like each other as two drops of water.

This information shocked many representatives of the scientific world, but experts say that a speech error is not.

A number of skeptics suggested that the photographs can be a operating the German Antarctic station Kohnen-Station, opened in 2001. It really is near the specified coordinates. However, this station has only one building, designed for 20 people. As the photo shows footage of various objects.

Experts say that the finding of Internet users is also interesting the fact that it is in the so-called “New Swabia”. It is worth noting that in Nazi Germany the so-called territory of Antarctica, designed for colonization by the Third Reich.

The Germans established on the territory of the base 211 and carried out numerous studies of parapsychological and occult nature. Also here to investigate the alien technology.

We will remind, after 10 years of sleep awoke one of the most dangerous celestial objects.

Add known ufologist made a loud statement about the discovery on the moon.