Participation in such paramilitary formations of the radical right-wing National squads and national housing for young people – not a sign of coolness.

Blogger Elena Kudrenko noted in his Facebook that the guys and girls who like paramilitary uniforms of these organizations makes them human, important for Ukraine, are deeply mistaken, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Really important for Ukraine only those young people who chose a form of APU – not “mow” from military service, became military-contracted or enrolled in military schools. And the above-mentioned paramilitary formation in many cases is nothing more than extras, used by unscrupulous politicians to achieve their personal ambitions and as a way of provocation in the society.

“Dear boys! Understand a simple truth: there is in Ukraine today, a steeper shape than the shape of the APU. In Ukraine there is no more important role than the fighter APU. There is a clear and obvious role than the role of the defender of the country. Because if you’re trying to be cool – that would not cover the role of puppets,” the blogger writes.

“Alas, I do not see your benefit for Ukraine. And you can be like respect or admiration, but most understand your role in this strange theatrical representation.

APU, cyborgs, heroes of Ukraine, our sailors, that is an unattainable peak for you. Sorry” – sums up the occurrence.

Earlier, Poroshenko showed fake patriots, what is the President.

We will remind, Poroshenko in Chernigov came to “Nazarus” and harshly reined in aggressive activists.