Darya Domracheva. Photo: Reuters

Belarusian Darya Domracheva did not expect a successful performance in the pursuit race at the world Championships in Hochfilzen.

– The challenge for the prosecution was formulated simply: to improve your mood, make an application to participate in the mass start, – quotes “Sports panorama” Domracheva. Stalking is perceived as a good chance to work on the mistakes in the sprint to focus on finding balance in your team.

So no one was misled when he talked about wanting to finish Sunday in the top ten. Deceit is not in my nature!

In the end, the “silver” finish – this is the Top 10. But I repeat: really did not expect that I will be able to get involved in the medal fight and even have Golden prospects.

It turns out, sometimes dreams come true, which is not even dared dream of. It happened in the pursuit of Hochfilzen. The medal, which if fantasizing, deep in the subconscious.

But apparently I managed to draw due lessons from the events of the sprint. To calm down, to practice, to relax in communicating with family and friends on the team, but absolutely concentrate on shooting.

Four turn without penalty – it’s great! Don’t remember when it was possible for me to do last time. Even to enter “zero” at the end of sprint for me in the past a long time could not. And then did it! Confirmed its status as a “girls-comeback”, which I was once also common.

Because on the last lap trying to catch up with Dallmeier, but she’s the final part of the race is always good. However, kept the advantage in the dispute with Koukalova and I’m glad his return to the podium. But more than that achieved balance. Not just run fast or shoot accurately, and combined all at a high quality level.