Darijo Srna. Photo: shakhtar.com

Captain “Shakhtar” Darijo Srna shared his impressions immediately after the championship match with Zorya.

– Darijo, you do not leave the phone all night. If not a secret who was the first call?

Three years, we without your home. All this time Shakhtar away from home fans. Play in other cities at other stadiums, we are all hard.

And the first call they asked to make the President of the club Rinat Akhmetov, to thank him for his patience, for believing in the team, each player and to congratulate him on winning the championship.

He brought a young ambitious coach who did his job and brought the championship to Shakhtar, the President of the club, Donetsk, Donbass, and all the fans.

– We see by Fonseca as he pleased. He’s probably the happiest person in the world: you for the tenth time Champions, and he is only in first?

Such a great club can’t afford two consecutive years to remain without of gold, because we had a very emotional conversation in the locker room before the match. The coach said that this is an unusual game, a game that everyone is waiting for, and we should win. This victory and this title we give to all our fans! We hope that there will be peace and following the success we will celebrate all together.

– After the match was a touching moment on the banner in the centre circle were written the names of those fans for whom you play. What emotions felt in this moment?

– First of all I want to thank the lions, where we spent two and a half years and the first part of this season. Thank you so much! Why we moved to Kharkov? Because I believe that we are closer to home, I believe that we have more fans. And we are sure that the next stadium where we will move will be the Donbass arena. Thank you, Kharkov, thanks to everyone who supported us. Today we gave a great celebration for everyone who loves football and loves Shakhtar. And we’ve brought the Champions League to first in Lviv, now in Kharkov. This is our gift to the city. We feel that here by the side of our house, next to Donetsk. And it gives us strength.

– It turns out that the entire geography of Ukraine “Shakhtar” has already passed and became a really popular team?

– The most important thing that our President does not give up, believes in us. And we do not lose heart. For us the most important thing is to play in the Champions League. We feel close to our house. He is not far. I believe that many of our fans will come to Kharkiv for the UEFA Champions League and will support us. Therefore, we invite them. I once again congratulate all the tenth champion’s title!

– Match one question. Still nerves a little tickled at the end fans?

– Of course, three years we haven’t been in such a situation, so relax. Wanted to quickly ended the game. Got two goals, but after that fell, created two things. The most important thing is that Shakhtar will win today and the championship.