Cyclone “IDI” left homeless more than 400 thousand people in Mozambique

KIEV. March 20. UNN. As a result of the cyclone “IDI” and floods, which left Mozambique for more than 400 thousand people without a roof over your head. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Euronews.

According to reports the edition, tropical cyclone “IDA” came from the Indian ocean, has already called the largest natural disaster in the southern hemisphere. The Gale-force wind which speed reached 170 km/h, struck Mozambique and neighbouring countries Zimbabwe and Malawi, bringing countless destruction.

In the Central part of the Mozambique water flooded an area of over 290 square kilometers. According to the red cross, more than 400 thousand people were left homeless.

Many people, as before, are rescued from the flood on the roofs of houses and trees. Aviapanorama come to the aid of those who manage to reach, but the scale of the disaster does not allow you to help everyone in need.

The division of the United Nations “world food programme” was organized by the urgent delivery of humanitarian assistance to the victims, but that’s not enough, the situation escalates with each passing hour.

Recall that the number of victims of cyclone “IDI” in Mozambique increased to 200.

Earlier UNN reported that the UN had allocated 20 million dollars to help the victims of the cyclone “IDI”.