By this time identified 14 new cases of infection of the coronavirus, including 9 in Moscow. Two more infected – residents of the Kemerovo region, one patient accounted for the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad region.

In the Russian media write that all infected in the last two weeks visited France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Poland and Switzerland.

Infected 56 – the citizens of Russia, two citizens of China, one is a citizen of Italy. Last student of the St. Petersburg medical University, who arrived from the country in late February, but for medical assistance only on March 2.

However, in the media and in social networks note that the actual number of infected may be much greater than the number shown in official statistics.

Since January in Russia recorded hundreds of cases of viral pneumonia. For example, in Sverdlovsk region in January alone registered more than 1000 cases in other regions, the statistics were not much better. Because it is possible that the first infected with coronavirus appeared in Russia before the advent of tests for the disease and before the reference of official statistics.

By the way, among those who came down with pneumonia, there are famous people, including well-known actor and Director Yuri Solomin, was hospitalized in serious condition. However, now, according to the Russian media, as the straw has improved.

You cannot ignore the fact that in Russia the official statistics is very rarely true. Because the probability that the coronavirus in Russia is much more spread out than talk about it and write to official sources, is quite large.

Recall, the experts called the way it is possible to protect yourself from coronavirus. First of all, the quarantine period does not appear unnecessarily in public places and carefully carry out disinfection of the hands.

Also in China admitted when coronavirus was discovered really. Ill first revealed in Hubei province, a deadly virus began to spread in November 2019.

At the moment, China is “leading” by the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus. In second place Italy, the third Iran.