The fighter had an argument with passers-by who wanted to be photographed with him.
Conor McGregor has run into yet another scandal /

The most popular MMA fighter Conor McGregor is being accused of hooliganism. 30-year-old Irishman arrested in Miami beach for the attack on the annoying fan.

The Englishman Ahmed Abdirizak tried photographing star athlete near the Fontainebleau hotel, which aroused the IRE of the athlete. The fighter snatched the smartphone from the hands of the fan and broke it and took. The victim wrote a statement to the police, assessing its bad thing in a thousand dollars, according to Sport-Express.

After that McGregor was taken to the police station and after testimony at five in the morning – released on bail of $ 12,500. It is expected that he will be charged with hooliganism and robbery. It is criminal article, but for a new trick Irishman is unlikely to threaten something more than the fine. The hearing must go through three weeks.

– McGregor has been involved in a small altercation over a mobile phone, which led to the call to the police, – quotes the New York Post, the advocate of the soldier Samuel Rabin. – McGregor appreciates the response of the police and promises to cooperate.

Previously, McGregor was dismissed from performances in MMA for six months and fined 500 thousand dollars for participating in a fight after the fight with Habib Nurmagomedov 6 October last year in Las Vegas. In addition, Conor recently had trouble with the law because of the attack on the bus with UFC fighters on the eve of the show in new York in April last year. Then the case went to court, which sentenced the Irishman listening to lectures on anger management and five days of community service.

Guilt McGregor admitted after five days in the Brooklyn Church. Thus, his offense was cancelled and is unlikely to affect the current investigation of the attack on the fan. While it is clear that the lectures on anger management has not gone McGregor’s favor. Also known for an incident in which Conor was in trouble before his second fight with Nick Diaz. Announcing at a press conference Conor was trying to get into his opponent, bottles of water, but instead landed in the head of the journalist. For which he was fined.

In 2017 in one of the pubs of Dublin McGregor allegedly beat mafia Graham Whelan Irish clan CinemaNow. Thugs appointed by the head of the fighter award in 900 thousand dollars. The police in this showdown did not intervene, as none of the parties had not asked for help. The veracity of this story also raises questions, since the mafia very quickly abandoned his plans for revenge.

Disqualification of Magregor expires in April, and went persistent rumors that the Irish will soon play a match against Donald serron. However, later this information was refuted. According to one version – Conor and the UFC head Dana white did not agree on organizational matters. On the other – the priority McGregor is a rematch with Habib. While Nurmagomedov said he would not return to the octagon until October 2019. Most likely, by this time Connor will have time to settle their new troubles with the law.