After publishing the video with the flight of the spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS experts are convinced that the management device is really built on a new “digital” principles. Moreover, it is very similar to the browser-based simulation game released by SpaceX earlier. It is very similar to video games and far from the usual space of interfaces, and therefore called naturally doubt the veracity of the allegations. Now it’s debunked.

The cockpit Crew Dragon consists of three small screens with a touch interface. Levers and switches are not visible, physical buttons there, but in this video the astronauts do not concern them – all the control is done through the screens. There in the typical graphical format of the provided controls roll, rotation, vehicle acceleration, etc. of the Panel with the tool sets can be dismantled and quickly switch between them.

The most interesting and even paradoxical not in the cockpit Crew Dragon, and the fact of his presence on Board the ship. This is nothing more than a safety net, because by default all ship operations executes in automatic mode. In fact, during the first flight the astronauts are only two times took over the controls, and then only to check how it works – it was a requirement of NASA. Docking with the ISS was automatically.

Source — TechCrunch