Last year, the industrial entrepreneur from southern California, Doug Palmer took advantage of the provisions of the Law on freedom of information and sent a request to CIA. A businessman found out that the Agency love to pass the time playing Board games, and spies did not deny this fact. Moreover, last week it was even published rules of two favorite games of the CIA.

The first game is called “Collection Deck” and is largely reminiscent of the classic “Pandemic”, where players have to manage resources to prevent a global crisis. The second game, “Kingpin”, it is devoted to the confrontation between security forces and criminal cartel of El Chapo, where the parties conduct a secret war against each other. Alas, the CIA intends to have removed the most interesting secret methods that you want to play these games.

In fact, the public has provided files with texts and graphics low resolution, they need to be improved in the graphics editing before printing. They are full of gaps and obviously removed the blocks, without which the gameplay becomes pretty boring and sparse. But it will not be the CIA to expose the secret methods of collection and analysis of information, which function in the game and in real life?

Professional gamers have been intrigued by the news, according to them, both games have huge potential in the training of analysts and spies, the real training ground to hone the skills of working with information in situations of asymmetric confrontation between opponents. And if someone takes the trouble to fill in the spaces, it may get a new gaming hit, fortunately, the basic rules of the game in CIA did not remove.

Source — Ars Technica