Chinese military aircraft XI’an Y-20

China is gradually moving from the launch of spacecraft with ground-based spaceport to launch from a special transport aircraft and ships. These measures will significantly reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the Chinese space program.

In 2018 to be held the first launch of the carrier rocket Long March carrying up to 5 tons. All starts will be made near the equator, which will reduce fuel consumption and facilitate the withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit.

Currently, the Chinese Academy of technology launch vehicles (CALVT) is the development of solid-fuel rockets that will be launched on Board a military transport plane Y-20 can carry a weight of about 60 tons. The missile itself is designed for a payload of 100 kg, and the development is already version, raising about 200 kg.

According to the developers, the booster will be located in the fuselage and run at a certain height after separation from the aircraft. Air launch will place on the rocket payload and to reduce fuel consumption.

The combination of these advantages will enable China to increase the frequency of launches, which will significantly strengthen its position as one of the leading space powers.
Source — CNSA