Gradually replaced lithium-ion batteries come better solid — however, while the volume of their production is insignificant. However, this situation will soon change for the better.

According to Chinese media, a startup Qing Tao Energy Development Co at the University of Tsinghua has launched the country’s first line for the production of solid-state batteries.

The main difference is the presence of solid electrodes and solid electrolytes (lithium-ion battery electrolyte liquid or gel-like). This makes them not only safer, but also allows to achieve higher energy density. So one produce a “solid” battery energy density is more than 400 WH/kg, whereas the new lithium-ion battery only from 250 to 300 WH/kg.

The company has invested in project 1 billion yuan (144 million us dollars. USA), and total power produced by batteries is 100 MW/h per year. This amount is sufficient to provide 2,000 electric vehicles long range. According to the plan, by 2020 this figure is expected to increase to 700 MW/hour.

China is not the only country, where there are solid-state batteries. In parallel, research in this area by specialists from Volkswagen, Toyota, Dyson, BMW and Fisker.
According to experts, to complete the replacement of lithium-ion batteries in a solid can take a long time, but the introduction powerful production line in China will surely accelerate this process.
Source — Electrek