The main thing in the promotion of any startup is to impress potential buyers. Startup Square Off took the traditional game of chess, and earnestly promises to bring her to a whole new level. The fact that the new version of chess move yourself around the Board independently, obeying the commands of the player from the other end of the world.

There is a Board with a hidden mechanism to move the shapes, and controlled their coordinates. There’s an app for the smartphone to handle data from the Board and transfer them to the Internet. And there are international fans club to play chess with tens of millions of players, including major grandmasters. Ah, Yes, there AI for beginners who still do not want to sit down to play with real people.

Considering the party, move the pieces you see oncoming traffic, and know — where-your invisible chess opponent just made his move. Set The Kingdom costs $329, The Grand Kingdom – $399, this set includes a number of useful functions — for example, automatic arrangement of figures before the game, etc. the Development of Square Off will be a great gift for fans who are tired of playing them on a tiny smartphone screen.

Source — Square Off