The match in Odessa ended with the score 78:84.
Chemist beat Odessa in the match of the regular championship of the Superleague / fbu.IAV Saturday Odessa took yuzhnensky “Chemist” in the match of the 9th round of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match.

Chemist better spent the first quarter due to the the advantage under the basket took the lead, the official website of the tournament.

Odessa had the advantage on rebounds, but allowed the opponents too loose to feel strange three-second area, and the attack did not look very convincing, holding on to score 10 points Pustozvonov in the opening period.

In the second part of the first half Odessa leveled the game, but to catch an opponent before the big break did not. A well-aimed three-pointer Prokopenko and Novikov helped the team of Oleg Oskina to stabilize the attacking game, but the Chemist continued over and over again to carry out a successful attack through the paint, scoring 26 points out of 48 press half of it is through the paint. Chemist in both quarters scored 24 points, but missed another already 26, having gone into halftime with only 4 points advantage.

Soon the guests of Odessa picked up in the final quarter, when the gap of the owners after the exact three-point Prokopenko and Danka Belikov was reduced to 1 points. However, it is very timely to mirror the answer from the Chemist in the form of accurate far from Sidorova and Danko Jones again rejected the owners for a distance of 6 points. Belikov and Vtols scored 4 points in a row, but to catch up with the yuzhnenets Odessa and failed. Odessa was playing catch-up throughout most of the match and so failed to put the squeeze on the Chemist, who for the second time in the season won the geographical neighbours – 84:78.

The winners scored 17 points Sidorov and Jones, Edwin 15 points added 6 assists. At Odessa it is worth noting Pustozvonov with 16 points and 6 rebounds and Belikov, who scored 13 points. Also successfully entered the game Prokopenko, who from the bench brought his team to 14 points.

Their final matches of this year’s teams will play in the quarterfinals of the Cup of Ukraine: Odessa, 25 December the house will accept Nikolaev, and the Chemist on the 26th on the road to play their first match against Polytechnic. In the super League Betting-Match teams will play 11 Jan: Odessa on the road would stand up to the Dnieper, and “the Chemist” again will play an away match against Kharkiv Polytechnic.

Super League Betting-Match. 9-th round

Odessa, the Odessa USK

Odessa – Khimik 78:84 (18:24, 26:24, 17:19, 17:17)

Odessa: Windbags 16 + 6 rebounds, Belikov 13 + 6 rebounds + 3 blocked shots, Novikov 8, Vols 7 + 3 assists – 8 losses, 6 Helmans – start, Prokopenko 14, Schepkin 8 + 4 assists, Tkachuk 4 + 3 transmission, 2 Chalakov, Balaban 0, 0 Skripec

Chemist: Jones 17 + 8 rebounds, Edwin 15 + 6 assists + 4 rebounds, Pavlov 13 + 6 rebounds + 4 assists + 3 steals, Ryabchuk 5, voynalovich 4 – start, Sidorov 17 + 4 rebounds – 4 losses, Marchenko 7, 6 Antipov, Kovalev 0