Vice-world Champions Alexander USHAKOV and Dmitry GRANDCHILDREN. Photo: From personal archive of Yuri Krikun

In Kiev the Secretary General of the International Union carleenlococo Carl Olson came almost immediately after the end of the world championship, which was held in the U.S. city of Orlando, and brings together the widest representation from all continents.

However, despite the fierce rivalry, the representatives of our country are highly supported by the bar of their own achievements in these tournaments.

In particular, the Ukrainian pair as part of masters of sports of the international class Alexander Ushakov and Dmitry Vnukovo won in the competitions of hip-hop Duo the honorary silver medal!

It is noteworthy that after the qualifying round our guys went first, but in the final them quite a bit, figuratively speaking, jumped over a Duo from Japan. However, in any case, their ninth participation at the world Championships, the domestic cheerleaders said ninth well in the amount of the reward is an enviable and very good stability.

By the way, it could be the tenth, because after the qualifying performances of the freestyle Duo of master of sports of Lily Gavrushko and Anna Dimova took the third place. But in the final round, unfortunately, our girls made a small blot, and the result of the conquest of the bronze medals they were separated by only two points.

And yet, whatever it was, the performance of the Ukrainian team rightly deserve the warmest words.

Sport-Express in Ukraine